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Side Effects of Essential Oils

Following are experiences folks have had using essential oils that may be helpful to you as you consider your own use of particular oils.


Debbie - Has anyone ever had any reaction to Oregano?  Do we absorb all the oils or do we excrete some in the bowel movement?   My son-in-law has colitis, IBS (thus hemorrhoids) and now swine flu.  I was giving him capsules with Oregano and other oils for the flu and the burning sensation was so bad when he had a bowel movement, he stopped taking the Oregano.

Dian - When I ingest the Oregano, Melaleuca, and Lemon blend it burns all of the way through, unless I use a bigger capsule and add coconut oil.  That seems to help a lot.  I do not have any of his problems though.  Coconut oil is very good for us to use on a daily basis anyway.  There was a previous post as to the use of coconut oil. Hope this helps.

Penne - I found the below from earlier posts. VCO is "virgin coconut oil".  It is different from fractionated coconut oil.  But if you buy and use a good organic virgin coconut oil, its properties alone are highly anti-bacterial, so when combined with quality essential oils, the results are synergistic and the combo can be HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.  You will find both VCO (virgin coconut oil) and OVCO (organic virgin coconut oil) at health food stores and online.  Melt the coconut oils with very moderate heat (no microwave) to blend in essential oils.  The salve may be saved in a baby food or similar small jar.

Jan - I'm surprised no one has suggested foot soaks with the appropriate oils. Obviously, that won't put the oils in direct contact with any of the areas of concern, but it is an excellent way to get them into his system so the oils can be delivered throughout the body via the blood stream.

Here's my method. I put a very large stainless steel mixing bowl on a doubled bath towel on the floor in front of my easy chair. Mix whichever E.O.s I'm using with about 2 tablespoons of (...) bath salts, or whole milk or Half & Half, add water as hot as I can comfortably stand, insert my feet and AHHHH....   *If I were using Oregano or other hot oils I would apply a light film of VCO or fractionated coconut oil to feet and ankles first.


Allergic Reactions to Essential Oils

12 Nov 2009

Angeline - I am new to the essential oils, everywhere I put the essential oils on I now have a rash. Am I allergic to essential oils or what do I need to do. I want to use them, I love them.

Rob – Two things to consider.  This may be a reaction because of a Candida infection or it may be very sensitive skin.  I personally have very sensitive skin and I react badly to a neat application of Lemon, Lavender, or Melaleuca.  BUT... If I apply them with about 50 - 75% dilution with a carrier oil, it not only does not cause a reaction, but it is fully efficacious.  I prefer VCO (virgin coconut oil) as a carrier, but other carrier oils will work similarly.

Pat - I perceive a couple of problems, one being very sensitive skin, in which case you should test behind the elbow with VCO and your choice of oil, watch for redness to appear. Using the VCO might be the answer. The other would be some serious Candida, or inflammation that would need to be handled internally. That is when I would stop all oils and take the GI Cleansing Formula for 10 days followed by the Probiotic Defense Formula for five days. And then slowly start using the oils.


Chelsea - I have a friend with an skin reaction to the oils. She says it burns and itches terribly. I was super surprised by it all.  It was with the Cleansing Blend. I took her in to see Dr. David Hill (chief medical advisor for (...)) and Pat is right according to what Dr Hill was saying. Candida is likely the problem. She is aware of that and agreed that it is probably the problem. She is also celiac, which would increase her need to do the Candida cleanse.  Perhaps she would need to repeat the cleanse several times as I have found that Candida is likely an underlying cause of autoimmune disorders. I have an autoimmune disorder as well but I have no signs of it when my Candida is under control. Are you aware of anything like that? Anyone can correct me if I am wrong, but everything seems to point to those blasted fungal terrorists! I would love to hear about your progress so I can pass it on to her. She is discouraged and has a view right now that her health isn't worth the money it may take to get well. I would love to help her shift that.

AnnMarie - My mother is having the same problem. She is using helichrysm and Lavender on her legs for another problem and she broke out with a pimply, itchy rash in the area surrounding where she was putting the oils and also on her hands, plus experiencing eczema behind her ears. At first we thought she was having an allergic reaction to the oils, but Dr. Lawton said her body is releasing built up toxins and Candida in her system through her skin. Dr. Lawton also advised that she must drink lots of water to help her body rid itself of these toxins. Mom is also taking Lemon and Melaleuca in a capsule 3x a day and the Probiotic Defense Formula. I am also getting the  GI Cleansing Formula for her.

13 Mar 2009

Marti - Please help...here is the situation.  I gave some samples of Melaleuca and Lavender to someone who said her son had a rash, she emailed me this a day or two later.... "Thank you for the samples you gave Amy for my grandson.  His face is actually worse after using the Melaleuca and Lavender samples.  We are not sure it was the oils or if he is allergic to something."  

I think he is prone to eczema.  It is worse on his cheeks, with small spots on upper legs and arms, and very dry skin. He is not on any medications but is allergic to dairy and they also took him off gluten. The areas look like a scrape, with peeling skin about the size of a small apple. It does itch at times and they put the oils directly on him without a carrier oil.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Pat - Is this son old enough to take capsules? It seems to me that he has some serious yeast infection going on. If he is old enough he could take a capsule for that every morning with 5 drops of Lemon, 5 drops of Melaleuca and 3 drops of Oregano. It is a suggestion that he be consistent and stay on it for 30 days and then reevaluate the condition. (Editor’s note: GI Cleansing Formula was introduced after this)

Rob - People that have hyper-sensitive skin and sometimes more prone to have allergic reactions will sometimes react to certain essential oils.  Even though Lavender is a very mild oil, I know people that have reacted to it. I always ask people if they react easily to metals, lotions, etc, and if they do, I recommend they do a skin test before applying oils, especially to sensitive areas. I would apply Organic VCO (virgin coconut oil) immediately to areas that have the rash. I would continue that every couple hours.

I react to Lavender myself unless I use a carrier oil.  With a carrier, even though Lavender is slightly caustic to my skin, it is still be efficacious for many things for me.  I use it internally more that externally.

If he want's to do a skin test, it might be the easiest way to find out, but either way, I would apply the VCO (organic virgin coconut oil).

Marti - Rob, is the VCO (...)'s coconut oil or something different? Thanks, Marti

Rob - Marti, (...)'s coconut is a great product, but is fractionated and does not even include medium chain fats.  It's more or less a simple carrier that offers great lubrication. VCO on the other hand has some real followers that are adamant about its health and wellness attributes.  A little internet research and you'll see the passion out there.  I have personally seen it do amazing things by itself, especially in the area of skin care, but when you blend VCO with (...) essential oils you create a synergizing product that I believe is far superior that just either product alone.

An example.  We had a friend who had a son with a rash under his eye. Likely herpes. We had him apply some essential oils, which seemed to slowly be helping, but when we combined the oils with VCO, the irritation was completely gone in a few short days.

ReNay – Where can we get some VCO?

Rob - You get organic VCO at the health food store or on line.  It's white, solid (below about 73 degrees) and has a slight coconut flavor.  If you melt it to add essential oils, don't use a microwave and only heat in enough to make a liquid.  Then you add the oils and blend a salve and save it in a baby food jar or other small jar.


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