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Dr. Hill's Daily Routine

Dr. David Hill presented this simple routine using essential oils to improve every day for every one.   It is a way to begin to daily experience and receive the immediate  benefit of using (...) essential oils:

·  Apply Peppermint and Frankincense to the soles of your feet when you awaken.  This will get you fully awake, energized, and ready for your day.


·   Diffuse Invigorating Blend or a blend of any of the other (...) citrus oils mixed with Cleansing Blend or Protective Blend.  This will lighten your mood and protect your home from unwanted pathogens.


·   Apply Calming Blend to the back of your neck and temples midday to relieve stress.  Also use anytime during the day if you are feeling stressed.


·  Add Peppermint and Lemon to water during the day for gently detoxifying your body.


·  Apply Lavender to bottom of your feet at night to encourage a full restful night of sleep or to alleviate insomnia.


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Essential Oils from the heart of plants are “Nature’s Medicine Cabinet”. The quality and purity of Essential Oils are vital to a positive experience.

Essentials of the Earth

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