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Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


EarThe most common form of tinnitus is described as a ringing in the ears but it can include a variety of sounds that seem to originate in the hear or head and do not come from an outside source.  Other types of sounds people experience include whistling, buzzing, clicking (the frequency of the heartbeat), and the sound of crickets.  It can be mild and tolerable or very intense and disruptive for some.  Tinnitus is not a disease but rather a symptom of some other underlying cause.  It occurs more frequently with aging.

The sensation of hearing is a complex system starting with the outer ear canal, the ear drum and bony structure transmitting sound to the Cochlear organ and nerve, and hence to the brain.  Tinnitus can originate from any disruption to this pathway.  Extremely loud sounds or other physical damage, an ear infection, fluids from allergies, or even wax build up may trigger the sound.  Aging seems to play a role and it can be a side effect of some medications.  It is reported that withdrawal from a benzodiazepine (valium, etc) addiction can trigger tinnitus.


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Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends:  Basil, Frankincense, Geranium, HelichrysumC

Essential oils based products: GI Cleansing Formula/Probiotic Defense Formula

Also consider: Cypress, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary

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Suggested protocols:

Protocol 1

A drop each of Frankincense and Basil and apply to the back of the ear and run down the jaw line to the chin on each ear.  Repeat starting at top of ear and run down front of ear and jaw line.  Repeat every 1 - 4 hours till ringing subsides.

Protocol 2

Blend 4 drops each Cypress, Helichrysum, Lavender, Rosemary, let stand 24 hours, add 1 ounce FCO.  Put 5 - 7 drops of blend in palm and apply with fingers starting at front of ear, around the outside rim of the ear and down to the ear lobe. Continue in the depression behind and below the ear and down the jaw line. Repeat till oil in palm is used. Let recipient breath the blend in the palm. Repeat 2 - 3 times daily.

Other suggestions

Also consider two drops of Helichrysum in 1/2 a cotton ball inserted into the ear.

Some report a root cause may be Candida and using the GI Cleansing Formula/Probiotic Defense Formula cleanse is a help.

Caution: Do not put oils directly into the ear.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

Sharon - Even though we don't have Juniper I found this little article interesting anyway and even without the Juniper it may be helpful to someone with Tinnitis.


Ringing Ear (Tinnitus) Relief, By Liana Carbón, PhD - A short version: I have some experience with my ex-father-in-law who has tinnitus. We used Helichrysum, Cypress, Lavender and Juniper. Make a synergistic blend of equal parts of the EOs, and let the oils sit so they can interact with each other for at least 24 hours, or longer if able.

Then add 15 drops of the oil blend into small bottle. One ounce carrier oil  works well for this quantity of the blend. (I like coconut oil). Make sure to shake the blend of oils really well.

To use: put 1-3 drops into the palm of your hand. Respiratory Blend in the aroma and then apply the oil to the following areas: ear lobes, back of your neck, and affected tinnitis side (or both sides). My father-in-law experienced dramatic results with this recipe, and is rarely plagued by the buzzing noises any more.

Debbie - I checked on-line and it said that Rosemary EO can be used as a substitute for Juniper EO. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the recipe!


Amelia - I have a question...a family friend has severe Menier's disease...Do any of you have any suggestions as to what oils should be in the protocol for this?

Larissa - I had a client come to my office (I am a natural health practitioner and I do muscle-testing sessions) and she was complaining about her Meniere's disease. I did find the problem was linked to her Candida and other digestive problems.

So in light of that, I would have your friend start cleaning out and strengthening her digestive system. Of course since I know, use, and trust (...) body cleanse products, I recommend them.

Rosemary - My husband has had problems with his ears for years.  The doctors cannot figure out why the skin keeps rotting.  We started putting Melaleuca on the back of his ear and ran our fingers down his throat area.  In the morning, the skin on the back of his ears was cracked and yeast was all over his head and hair.  Yeast was the culprit!

Joy - My friend has been diagnosed with this disease. She uses Frankincense and when she feels an attack coming on she puts it behind her ears.

Jan - My brother has this as does my mom. I say has, and should say had. I gave them Helichrysum in front of the ear and along the jaw line and on the bone behind the ear. Almost instant relief. The ringing goes away and the dizziness stops. My brother used the Helichrysum when the ringing or pain started and just used a drop or two on each side. He knew it was expensive but was thrilled with the results. He called it his miracle in a bottle. He had had no prior relief before he started the oils, even when on prescription drugs for it. I will suggest the cleanse to him as well.


Melanie - Anyone have experience on what oils and how often to use them for tinnitus?

Pat - There are a number of oils others have used. The one I found the most successful was Basil and Frankincense. Put Basil on your finger, put on the back, top of ear and rub down the jaw line to the middle of your chin. Repeat procedure only on the front, top of ear bring the oil down the jaw line to the middle of the chin. Do both sides if needed and repeat when ringing is there.

Cristi - I had very serious pulsatile tinnitus for almost two years (where you hear your heart pounding in your ears - in my case, my right ear).  I did the same application as Pat suggested, only I used Helichrysum.  I had tried so many things before using the oils.  I had even seen an ear nose and throat specialist who came this close to recommending surgery.  I'm glad my friend told me about (...) before I did that!! I still have it minnimally, but I would say it's decreased by close to 90%, which, in my opinion, is a miracle, after trying so many other things for 2 years.  The Helichrysum worked wonders for me!! Different oils work differently for everyone, so I'd try a couple of them until you find what's best!

Oh, in addition to applying it how Pat suggested, I also took one drop of Helichrysum and applied it to a cotton ball and then gently placed that in my ear when I went to sleep at night.  I know that they say to not put the oils in your ears.  But doing it in this cotton ball method worked wonders for me.  


Meredith - I really need help. I have a friend with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and I already have suggested Helichrysum, Geranium, and Peppermint but it's not working. I don't know what else to do. Any ideas? words of wisdom? Please help.

Pat - Here is what I have used for severe tinnitus. Take a drop of Frankincense and a drop of Basil, run it from the top/back of the ear, down the jaw line to the middle of the chin. Repeat this same procedure in front of the top of the ear and down the jaw line to the middle of the chin. Repeat every hour for the first day and then as needed.


Katy - Any suggestions for those suffering from tinnitus?  What oil(s) have been tried, how applied, what effect?  I am a new oil user and have tinnitus myself.  My father has had it for decades.  Would appreciate any ideas or suggestions.  Thanks.   - Katy

Rob - I have heard that people have had success putting a couple drops of Helichrysum on a cotton ball and place it in the ear.  The vapors of the essential oil will penetrate the eardrum and get to the inner ear.  Do not put oils directly in the ear.  Leave cotton balls in overnight. Other oils and places include Geranium and Peppermint.  You can apply in, behind and around the ear. Also consider massage with these oils to the toes and finger tips and to the brain stem to get the oils to the nerve pathways.  Reapply oils around the ears every 4 hours or so.

Pat - I have had Tinnitus for many years and have been thrilled that it has gone away. I am not sure what to attribute it to, either the LLW or the Geranium. But something worked for me.

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