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TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome)

Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


TMJ is the Temporo-Mandibular Joint or the joint that allows you open and close your mouth. It can be felt just in front of the ear as you open and close your mouth. The joint TMJhas a small disc of cartilage to separate the bones and allows them to slide easily during chewing and other movements. Damage to this joint can cause pain or tenderness in the joint or in the neck, shoulders or even in the ear. Ability to open the mouth completely can be hampered, the jaw can get “stuck” open or closed. Clicking each time the mouth is opened or grinding happens with some. Secondary symptoms can include headaches, earaches, toothaches, neck aches, shoulder pains, hearing problems or tinnitis.

TMJ can be caused by an injury that damages the joint or displaces the cartilage. Arthritis in the joint can result in the TMJ symptoms. If a person grinds or clenches their teeth it can put pressure on the joint and the same with stress if a person clenches their teeth or tightens facial and jaw muscles TMJ can result. Misalignment of the bite can, over time, cause TMJ or something as simple as chewing gum too often.


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Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends:  Soothing BlendC, FrankincenseC, Anti-Aging Blend

Essential oils based products:

Also consider: Tension Blend, White Fir

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Suggested protocols:

Topically apply Soothing Blend Rub or 2 - 3 drops of Frankincense or Anti-Aging Blend on the TMJ just below the ear and around to the back of the neck with light massaging motions. Repeat 2 - 3 time each day.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

Charly - Anyone have ideas on a protocol for TMJ?

Lorie - I use White Fir, Tension Blend and Soothing Blend around my jaw line, the back of my neck and down my shoulders.  I have a hard time opening and closing my mouth at the dentist.  This seems to help a lot.  Before I would come out of the dentist in tears.

Caroline – Anti-Aging Blend works wonders on mine.

Darva - This is so great! I have had TMJ forever ... decades ... but when I read this it occurred to me that even though my clenching has been worse lately because I'm in the middle of shooting my first feature film but since I started using Anti-Aging Blend my pain is much decreased.  Wow. What great and fabulous info.  I'm going to go put more on right now!


Niki - I was wondering if anyone has found a good protocol to help TMJ? I have suffered from it for over 10 years now, had surgery to repair the meniscus about 8 years ago, and I wear a night guard. It's really been acting up and causes me horrible ear pain. I would love to hear any suggestions or testimonials on how things have worked for you. I don't want to be on synthetic pain medications and would rather treat with oils.

Blake - Soothing Blend rub has helped mine. I am still trying other oils also.

HA - I went to the dentist this past week to have 2 permanent crowns done.  I used White Fir and Tension Blend and it worked great.  I usually have to be sedated.  I walked out of there with no pain and a smile on my face instead of the migraine I usually have.

Caroline - Anti-Aging Blend has done wonders for me.  My chiropractor can't believe how much better my TMJ is.  And I discovered it by mistake, I was using it on my spots and it was near my ears so I would just rub it around the jaw and ear too.


Diane - I have a friend with a recent diagnosis of TMJ. She has some oils and wants to know what she can do for the pain instead of getting the 600 mg Motrin her dentist prescribed.

Pat - What I have found to be successful is 2 tbsp of FCO with 2 drops of clove and 2 drops of oregano. Put it in your mouth and gentle push it around the mouth for 10 minutes.  Repeat a couple of times a day and apply Frankincense to the outer jaw area. You place it where the jaw hinge is.

Brooke - A freind was in a terrible car accident last Fall.  She broke her Jaw and has had several problems since – including constant pain.  When she came to her first (...) Class, she came up afterwards and asked me for information to help with the pain.  I applied Grounding Blend, and Frankincense.   A couple minutes later she came up to me in tears because the pain was gone.  Just a thought.

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