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Parkinson's Disease

Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


see also Essential Tremors

Parkinson’s disease affects the smooth natural movements of the body.  The most common evidences are tremors or shaking and walking problems. This happens because the area of the brain that controls these movements is not getting a sufficient amount of dopamine, an important chemical necessary for proper body movements.  In those with Parkinson’s, for some not yet fully known reason, dopamine is not produced in sufficient quantity. 

This is a condition that typically appears after age 50 and is a common nervous system disorder among the elderly.  Rarely is it seen in children and if so there usually seems to be some genetic link. Parkinson’s may initially have only slightly noticeable symptoms but it is a progressive disease and symptoms will slowly become more evident over the years. Presently there have not been found, in the traditional scientific community, treatments that halt the disease but there is help with symptoms and help possibly slowing the progression.  Each of these provide hopeful quality of life outcomes.

Early symptoms might include trembling in a hand or arm, possible a limp or feeling a foot is not lifting properly, and maybe a slight lack of expression at times in the face.  The person may have a slower walk than normal and some difficulty with balance.  Advanced symptoms can include increased trembling, difficulty in movement, constipation, drooling, muscle pain and possibly anxiety, depression, and dementia.

With respect to the early symptoms not everyone with Parkinson’s shows the trembling symptom and not all that have trembling symptoms have Parkinson’s. Many with tremors or trembling with advanced age are suffering from Essential Tremors and not Parkinson's.


[search helps: paralysis agitans, shaking palsy, parkinsonism, Levodopa, L-dopa, parkinsons]

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Please note: The information provided below is a compilation of suggestions made by those that have used essential oils and has NOT been scientifically verified with clinical tests nor reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious medical concerns please seek professional medical attention.

Oils & Blends:  Grounding BlendC, FrankincenseC, GingerC, MyrrhC,  PeppermintC, Ylang ylangC

Essential oils based products: Massage Blend Technique, Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV), GI Cleansing Formula and Probiotic Defense Formula

Also consider: BasilC, CypressC, LavenderC

Note: to understand the E and C superscript go to Home and scroll to New Helps.

Suggested protocols:

Here are some suggestions using (...) oils as gleaned from a number of resources:

   The Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV) will be of great benefit. (All the literature recommends a healthy diet of nutritional foods.)

  Apply oils periodically (at least once per week) using the Massage Blend Technique.  This normally includes the oils Grounding Blend, Lavender, Melaleuca, Protective Blend, Massage Blend, Soothing Blend, Wild Orange and Peppermint.  Tamalu suggests complementing these with Frankincense, Myrrh, and White Fir.

  Use Frankincense at least daily. 1 - 2 drops under the tongue, on spine, base of skull, and crown of head.

  If there is agitation, depression, or other such symptoms use relaxing oil, etc. as suggested on other pages of this website.

  For some it may be important to use cleanses as described elsewhere.  The GI Cleansing Formula cleanse, Detoxifying Blend detoxification, and/or others.

  A number suggest that if you are "driving in" oils for neurological concerns that you not use warm towels but rather something like Peppermint oil.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

Please note: The information provided below is a compilation of the experiences of others who have used essential oils and has NOT been scientifically verified with clinical tests nor reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious medical concerns please seek professional medical attention.

Marc-  I was visiting with a gentleman today who is seeking relief from Parkinson’s Disease. He was hoping Frankincense would give him some answers.  Has anyone had any success/experience addressing Parkinson’s with oils and how were they used?

Tamalu – In the past I have used a Neurological Spinal Technique using Grounding Blend, Frankincense, Myrrh, White Fir and Peppermint.  With the new introduction of Dr. Hill’s Massage Blend Technique I intend to use this with those oils for future neurological issues. There may be occasionally exceptions or other oils required depending on the person. . The key is to get the oils on people-- they will do the job, sometimes in spite of us. They are so smart in promoting healing.

Also consider Frankincense under the tongue, and the daily supplements using the Wellness Pack is a must.

Foggynmisty - So, if I understand correctly, Frankincense and Myrrh would be added to Step 2 and White Fir added to Step 3 in the Massage Blend Technique?  And of course Grounding Blend and Peppermint are used as normal.

Pat - Dr. Hill said at our Massage Blend Technique training that we could substitute certain oils according to the needs of the person.


Jamie Sue - Does anyone have any experience with using the oils on someone with Parkinson's? If so, please tell me what you used and how it helped. I have a lady whose husband has Parkinson's.  She gives him these vitamins from "Dr. Barefoot" (anyone heard of him?): Vitamin D, Oxy Supreme, and Coral Calcium Supreme.  She is concerned about how the oils and possibly LLV will interact with those supplements and also his meds (Segeline, Carb/Levo, Lovastatin, Ropinirole, and his Thyroid pill).  Any advice?

Alisse - I have only had one experience with Parkinson's, it was with my grandpa.  His Parkinson's wasn't super advanced, but enough that he was wheelchair bound and he was often frustrated when he couldn't coordinate or control using his hands, etc.  I live 3 hours away from him but was visiting every other week.  One day he was very out of sorts. They were cleaning his room at the care center which had disrupted his schedule and he was sleepy but couldn't go and lie down.  As soon as I got there I could see that his shaking was worse than usual.  He didn't want to talk but he said his hands were cold. I rubbed Lavender onto my hands and held his hands in mine.  Almost instantly I felt him relax; he was able to doze off in his chair for about 30 minutes until he could use his room again.

This was my first time just grabbing an oil and using it without reading and researching first. When I think back on how powerful the experience was I get emotional; this was a choice time I spent with my grandpa one week before he passed away in his sleep.  I had kept this experience to myself until my mom asked me if I had used oils on grandpa.  She said a family member of a another resident had seen me with him that day and wanted to know what I had done to calm him!

 I know this post won't help to cure the Parkinson's or even slow its progress,  I guess I just wanted to share a powerful experience I had healing someone if only for that minute in their life; as well as the power of our intuition with the oils.


Arin - I have a friend with Parkinson’s and I am recommending Frankincense and Massage Blend technique.  Any other ideas?

Elaine – LLV is a must for Parkinson’s.


Suemarie - I'm looking for some information on how to use (...) oil's  to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Pat - I do not have any personal testimonials on Parkinson’s but the protocol that I have seen is the LLV, with the GI Cleansing Formula/Probiotic Defense Formula cleanse, and Frankincense applied to the spine, crown chakra (top of head) and 2 drops under the tongue twice a day. I would like to hear his testimonial after using this protocol for three months.


Editorial comment – Researching other sources for help with Parkinson’s there are some comments about 2 helpful protocols.  Those using Young Living oils speak of a Neuro-Auricular Technique where certain oils are applied on reflexology points and along the spine.  This is similar to, but a little different, than Dr. Hill’s Massage Blend Technique.  Another protocol mentioned is using vitex essential oil that comes from the chaste tree.  Below are some excerpts:

“reversing the effects for issues such as Parkinson's Disease by applying Frankincense, Valerian,, Vetiver, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood and Sandalwood therapeutic ... essential oils in the NAT procedure”

"In Europe the essential oil Vitex, which is derived from the chase tree, is used to treat Parkinsonism. According to the French physical Dr. Jean Claude LaPraz, he has observed an 89 percent success rate in reversing the symptoms of this dreaded disease. He recommended inhaling Vitex and applying it to the spine and soles of the feet."

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