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Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


see also Epstein-Bar Virus

Mononucleosis is a viral infection usually resulting in a sore throat, swollen tonsils and lymph glands in the neck and fever with overall weakness and fatigue. The tiredness symptom can continue for many weeks after the initial infection. It is contagious and is spread via saliva therefore sneezing or other close contact can pass it to others. From this comes the common name of “the kissing disease”. The symptoms typically do not manifest themselves until 4 to 6 weeks after exposure. It is common in children and teenagers although it may go undetected in smaller children. Adults typically have built immunity; to the virus and do not get the disease.


[search helps: kissing disease, mono, acute CMV infection] 

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends:  FrankincenseC, LemonC, Protective BlendC, OreganoC

Essential oils based products: GI Cleansing Formula/Probiotic Defense Formula, Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV)

Also consider: Respiratory BlendC, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Melaleuca, Purification, Thyme

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Suggested protocols:

Make capsules with:

6 drops Protective Blend

3 drops Oregano

2 drops Frankincense

Take 3 per day with meals till symptoms subside, continue then twice per day for an additional 2 days.

For additional help/protection diffuse Respiratory Blend and take LLV supplements.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

Stephanie - What are your ideas for a 10 year old who has gotten over mono but gets worn out very easily, to the point where it puts her in bed for the day.  Her family doesn't eat well.

Debie - LLW and melaleuca on the feet everyday.  I would suggest the GX and Probiotic Defense Formula with just 1 a day, but if it hurts her tummy at all, she may not want to do anything. 

Carla - My son came to me last Feb. so sick.  I tried the protocol for strep, and when it didn't work, I sent him to the doctor for a diagnosis.  He came back in tears, saying he had been diagnosed with mono, and the doctor told him to go to bed for three weeks.  I gave him capsules with 5 drops oregano, 3 melaleuca and 3 lemon.  We put Protective Blend on his feet and diffused it.  I also put Respiratory Blend on his chest, neck and under his nose.  He was very faithful about taking the capsules 4-5 times a day, and applying and diffusing the other oils.  He was back on his feet in five days, and never had a relapse.

Dany - I'm very new to essential oils but I have a good friend that has Mono.  She always has a sore throat and like the permanent flu.  Is there an oil that might help her?

Rob - A while back Jan mentioned three effective blends. They were:

Blend 1        
     Protective Blend (12 drops)        
     Oregano (6 drops)        
     Frankincense (2 drops)

Blend 2        
     Melaleuca (10 drops)        
     Lemongrass (10 drops)        
     Thyme (5 drops)        
     Cinnamon (5 drops)   

Blend 3        
     Cinnamon (10 drops)        
     Oregano (10 drops)        
     Lemon (10 drops)        
     Frankincense (2 drops)

I would suggest that you make your friend gel capsules with any of these three blends in them.  I have only tried the first one, but with success.  Take 3 per day with meals, till her throat is not irritated any more, then continue for 2 more days at least twice per day.

She could also do a gargle with Protective Blend or Oregano and Lemon in water.  The Oregano will be hot, but if she can take it for 30 seconds, and do it every hour or two, it might expedite healing.


Rob - Archived information on Mononucleosus.

Mononucleosis or Mono is caused by the "Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)" where as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is not caused by a virus.  There is a blood test for Mono called a "MonoSpot", but there are no tests to diagnose Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Unfortunately, no one truly knows much about CFS nor how to truly treat it.  Mono is a very debilitating illness with can last anywhere from weeks to months.  I am very familiar with this as I had had Mono in the summer before my Senior year in high school.  I was ill for three months and when I returned to school, my activities were restricted for another 6 months.  Now, there is some thought that people who have had Mono can possibly be prone to CFS later in life. So far, that has not happened to me!  Much of the information that Dr. Hill has shared with us can be used for either of these conditions. With CFS, it is extremely important for emotional support to be used to help alleviate the stress, depression, etc that tends to come with CFS.  Mono does have to be watched and treated very carefully as it can enlarge the spleen.  This is one of the reasons for extreme bed rest and limited physical activities.  Sometimes corticosteroids may have to be used in extreme Mono cases.  In my case, I was lucky that my grandmother's personal physician believed very highly in holistic methods, so I was treated with various herbs, high doses of vitamin C and Iron.  Another frustrating thing about CFS is that many other health problems that involve extreme tiredness, joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, and so on, are classified as CFS when it truly is not.  But, of course in light of those types of symptoms, we are very lucky to have the benefits of healing from (...)!!


Rob – I would do these things:

1) Gargle Frankincense and Oregano with water or oil carrier 2-3 times per day.

2) Put in capsules - Protective Blend (3), Frankincense(3), Oregano(2), Lemongrass(2) and coconut oil and take 3 times per day with a meal.

3) Do lymphatic massage with citrus oils ie. Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, Invigorating Blend morning and night.

4) Put Respiratory Blend on chest at night.

5) Diffuse Respiratory Blend and Purification at night while sleeping. (alternate)

6) Do a straight shot (2 drops) or juice/water diluted shot of Protective Blend for sever throat soreness.

Give it a couple weeks.  Mono is a nasty virus and takes some persistence. 

Julie - My son is struggling with Mononucleosis.  We are using Frankincense, Oregano, and Protective Blend for him as well as spinal treatments using oils that he chooses (usually a combo of Frankincense, Oregano, and sometimes Myrrh or another one that he likes).  I am also starting him on a restricted diet.


Carly - I just met a young woman who had mono about 5 years ago and since then has been melting away.  I mean to the point of looking like she's starving.   She has been to top clinics/hospitals and they cannot figure out what's wrong. I don't think she would be able to get the LLV down, even.  Does anyone have any good suggestions?  

Sherrie - If this were me, I would start with digestive enzymes with every meal and snack (Terrazyme) and probiotics daily (Probiotic Defense Formula) to help digest what food is being taken in and helping the gut to heal. Smoothies made with fruit and greens should be easier to digest as well.  We often have strawberries, blueberries, spinach, coconut oil, sea salt, and stevia blended in water and kefir.  Honey or other sweetner can be used instead of the stevia.   Add some cold-pressed, organic coconut oil to the diet as well, whether added into the green smoothie or other food being eaten.  Then add LLV slowly after this is tolerated.  Perhaps Grounding Blend, Frankincense or any of the appropriate mood oil for emotional support.  Patience and positive attitude is needed as the healing takes place.  Keep us posted.

Tammy - You may want to consider mixing the LLV doses and GX and Probiotic Defense Formula doses in a shake or drink that she can handle.  I had to do this with my grandma when she started complaining about taking too many capsules.  Plus she said her stomach was a little sick if she didn't eat something first even a banana or glass of milk, so we mixed a shake in mornings and just put all her LLV in her cup and mixed it good, and she doesn't mind it at all.

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