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Menstrual problems

Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


see also Hormonal Balance, PMS, Endometriosis, Irritability, Polycystic ovary syndrome, Uterine fibroids

The normal menstrual period varies significantly from individual to individual.  Some perfectly regular, some unpredictable; some 3 days, some 6 or 7 days; some light, some heavy.  Menstrual problems vary as well.  The more common complaints are:

  Cramps or painful periods (dysmenorrhea) are light to severe pain in the lower abdomen.  In young women before child bearing these may occur with no underlying cause and they tend to become milder with age or disappear after giving birth.  For others there may be underlying reasons for cramps and pain such as endometriosis or uterine fibroids and addressing these issues can relieve this monthly discomfort.

  Heavy bleeding (menorrhagia) either from heavy flow or prolonged bleeding can be severe enough for discomfort and in some cases limiting normal activity.  Some  experience heavier than normal bleeding in the premenopausal years (average menopause is 51 years).

Other menstrual conditions related to missed periods or lack of periods. 

  Oligomenorrhea is the term used to describe infrequent periods.  If a woman has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), caused by hormonal imbalance,  this is one of the symptoms that may be manifested.

  Amenorrhea is the term used to describe the absence of menstrual periods.  If a young woman does not have periods by age 16 or an older woman stops having periods before menopause and without pregnancy it is considered amenorrhea.  This may also be a symptom of PCOS or another cause is extreme exercise.  For female athletes or those very physically active females hormone production may be altered resulting in exercise-induced amenorrhea. 

Health issues that may be associated with menstrual problems are:

  PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) – a hormone imbalance already mentioned

  Uterine Fibroids – Fibrous, non-cancerous tumors, within or on the walls of the uterus

  Endometriosis – Edometrium tissue that normally lines the uterus can grow outside of the uterus (on ovaries, fallopian tubes, and a variety of locations) and respond to the menstrual cycle building up monthly and discharging blood with associated pain and discomfort.

  POF (premature ovarian failure) – when ovaries stop their normal functioning in women under 40.

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends:  Clary SageEC, (now A Women's Monthly Blend)

Essential oils based products: Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV), Phytoestrogen Lifetime Complex

Suggested protocols:

Note: Menstrual problems, for some, may include not only cramps of the uterine muscles but other discomforts such as headaches, constipation, backaches, or bloating. These are discussed on other pages and can be consulted directly.

Long Term Preventative Measures

  Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV) - Many people report that using these nutritional supplements was the foundation of incredible improvement.

  Hormone Grounding Blend - Oils and helps to balance hormones should be considered.  This link will suggest many oils and helps. Hormonal Balance.  (or simplified consider (now A Women's Monthly Blend), Phytoestrogen Lifetime Complex, Clary Sage)


Symptom Relief

Painful periods/cramps - Here are protocols that were very helpful to other folks:

Oils & Blends:  Clary SageEC, CypressEC, Soothing Blend, Tension BlendC, PeppermintEC, Phytoestrogen Complex, RosemaryEC, (now A Women's Monthly Blend)

Also consider: BasilC, GeraniumC, Sandalwood

Note: to understand the E and C superscript go to Home and scroll to New Helps.

  Apply 2 - 4 drops of (now A Women's Monthly Blend) or Clary Sage/Cypress topically to the abdomen.  Use a warm compress on abdomen after applying oils.

Take 8 -12 drops of Sandalwood internally in a capsule at the outset.  On the second day take 6 - 8 drops of Sandalwood in a capsule.

Also consider Basil, Clary Sage, Soothing Blend, Geranium or Peppermint applied topically to lower abdomen or lower back. For additional help cup & inhale and use a warm compress after applying oils. 
(note: Dr. Hill and many others point out that different oils work for different folks and there is usually a need to do some experimentation to determine what works best for each individual)

Heavy bleeding - the suggestion above of LLV and Hormonal Balance are very important.  Other suggestions include:

Oils & Blends:  Clary Sage, CypressEC, Essential Oil Cellular Complex , Frankincense, RoseEC. (now A Women's Monthly Blend)

Essential oils based products: Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV)

Also consider: GeraniumC, Roman ChamomileC, Metabolic Blend

Note: to understand the E and C superscript go to Home and scroll to New Helps.

Clary Sage, Cypress, and interestingly enough Metabolic Blend topically applied to the lower abdomen are reported to have helped.

Also found to help is consistent use of LLV supplements and Essential Oil Cellular Complex (2 capsules) along with 2 - 3 drops of Frankincense under the tongue daily.

This may be a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).  Go directly to this link for more information.

Irregular periods -

Oils & Blends:  Clary SageEC, FennelEC, PeppermintEC, RosemaryEC. (now A Women's Monthly Blend)

Also consider: LavenderEC, MelissaEC, RoseEC

Note: to understand the E and C superscript go to Home and scroll to New Helps.

The oils above are all suggested as helpful by both early and contemporary experts. Fennel is one oil recommended more highly than the others.

Also consider the information from Dr. Hill and protocols on Hormonal Balance for help.

This may also be a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).  Go directly to this link for more information.

Remember that heavy exercise (athletes) can cause irregular periods.

 Absence of periods -

Oils & Blends:  BasilEC, Clary SageEC, PeppermintEC, Roman ChamomileEC. (now A Women's Monthly Blend)

Also consider: LavenderEC, MarjoramEC, RosemaryEC

Note: to understand the E and C superscript go to Home and scroll to New Helps.

The oils above are all suggested as helpful by both early and contemporary experts. Consider cup & inhale and/or use a warm compress after applying oils topically to the abdomen.

Also consider the information from Dr. Hill and protocols on Hormonal Balance for help.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

Menstrual Cramps

Erika - Can I just say that (...) works!!! I am literally in tears. My 20yr old daughter has suffered from such debilitating menstrual cramps that she literally cannot function for one or two days of her cycle every month. We have tried EVERYTHING to ease her issues (diet, acpressure, herbs, teas, chiropractic, prayer, etc.) and typically resulted in using lots of over the counter meds (that have effected her liver and kidneys).

This morning she called me in pain and asked what oils she could take. I told her to run to (...) (she lives in Provo) and purchase their roll on combo called (now A Women's Monthly Blend). It is a specific blend made for women and everything related to hormones, pain and mood swings associated with that time of the month. It had not been 5 minutes since she picked it up when she texted me " This stuff smells yummy. I feel great!! MOM IT WORKS! I LOVE (...)!"  I LOVE (...) TOO!!


Shanna - I have a 14 year old daughter who has severe menstrual cramps. I have tried Rosemary, Peppermint, and Cypress to help with this but she says it does not work. Any other ideas, suggestions, that I could do to help her along, the other alternative I was told by my doctor is to place her on birth control to help regulate her hormones/estrogen levels but I really want this to be my last option if at all possible. Thanks for your help.

Shanna (WY) – Marjoram works great for me!

SM -  (now A Women's Monthly Blend) or a couple drops of each Cypress and Clary Sage rubbed over the ovaries/uterus area.

Shanna – What would be better between the two, (now A Women's Monthly Blend) or Clary Sage oil?

Lynn – (now A Women's Monthly Blend). It has clary sage in it.

SM - Actually, for my body, Clary Sage and Cypress kick what the (now A Women's Monthly Blend) doesn't. (now A Women's Monthly Blend) works great, but it doesn't always give me relief from the cramps. The Clary Sage and Cypress work fast for me, on both stomach cramps and back cramps, as I get both. The Phytoestrogen helped balance my hormones. My cramps weren't near as bad as they were. What is left, the Clary Sage and Cypress take care of. Just an fyi, my husband is Phytoestrogen's biggest fan! It reduced my emotional/grouchy days by 95%.  He has joked about starting a support group for husbands with pms-ing wives, and feature Phytoestrogen!

Pat – I would choose (now A Women's Monthly Blend).

Christine - I get great results from putting geranium on first, wait a minute or so and then apply peppermint.  The combo really works well for me but neither one by themselves get the results of them together.

CeriAnn - When I first started using oils lavender, topically or in an Epsom salt bath, it totally kicked my cramps. I have had several women report that after using the GI Cleansing Formula their period snuck up on them with no symptoms(no bloating, cramping or general orneriness. A good thing, I think.)

Heather - Try the (now A Women's Monthly Blend) first. I make a blend of 6d Geranium , 2d Clary Sage, and 3d Ylang Ylang - double to fill a 1/4 dram bottle.  All 3 are in (now A Women's Monthly Blend) but it works better for many.  I created it using muscle testing for me. It reduces cramps, mood swings, and takes care of the headaches for me.  With continued use they have continued to lessen and even reduced in number of days a bit, not as moody and if I get craps it much shorter then in the past.  It works for others, but not all others.  All PMS blends I've custom blended for people - all of those oils are in (now A Women's Monthly Blend).  My blend works better for me but (now A Women's Monthly Blend) does help me.  For others (now A Women's Monthly Blend) worked better than their blend.

Jacy - I have had severe menstrual cramps for years, and being on birth control only seemed to make it worse for me, so I would definitely stay away from that.  But what I did find that works amazingly for me is 8-12 drops sandalwood in a capsule in the morning as soon as she feels them coming on.  The second day 6-8 drops in the morning and after that you don't need anything for the cramps.  Since starting that I have been able to be at work without feeling sick. It's wonderful.

JRW - For mine I used Basil (also great for ovaries and cysts) and FM Assist combined. Basil 2 drops on abdomen twice a day (morning and night) Since they no longer have FM Assist I'm not sure what would work in place of that other than (now A Women's Monthly Blend) or Phytoestrogen although I haven't tried either one yet.

Sherrie - First, don't completely rule out birth control pills. If she has a hormonal imbalance, and PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome or Endometreosis are the biggest culprits, bcp may be her best bet. Please read up on PCOS because it is at epidemic levels but not many girls are getting treated as they should. It also contributes to insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes. Just a caution. I have had severe cramps for decades and actually found (now A Women's Monthly Blend) to be the best help of the oils. It seems to work best if you can start rubbing it over the ovary area a day or two before her period, if you can determine that. Mostly, you will need to try a few different combos depending on what your daughter's body composition is. Muscle testing with each oil is the best way to determine this. It may sound 'woo-woo' but it really is your body telling you what is needed. Also, make sure she is on good supplements with Magnesium Malate, Calcium and Zinc, plus Vitamin D3 and possibly CoQ10. These are essential for muscle aches and spasms, which is what cramps boil down to. At the time of her period, make sure you give her ibuprofen plus a little caffeine to help the pain. And, dry heating pads work wonders! I hope this helps.

Alma - I second the magnesium. Iron is another supplement that helps me a lot. I can tell a huge difference when my body is lacking these. The cramping is just like labor.  I have to take these throughout the month not just during my cycle.  Soothing Blend has been helpful.  I also have a friend that Digestive Blend gave her relief.

Sherrie - I have PCOS and always had irregular periods.  Grounding Blend helped even out the periods, but didn't help the cysts and headaches.  I now use (now A Women's Monthly Blend) occasionally throughout the month whenever things don't feel quite right in my lower abdomen. Sometimes you feel a little bloated, your ovaries may feel a little tender, you feel emotional/depressed and feel like it is due to hormones.  A couple swipes of (now A Women's Monthly Blend) to my lower abdomen once on those days and after a few months I noticed my periods are very regular and my premenstrual headaches have all but disappeared.  I still use Grounding Blend everyday.  Hope this helps.

Sassy girl - A while ago someone asked a question about WHEN the second half of a menstrual period was, as it is recommended not to use Clary Sage then as it can cause heavier bleeding. I never saw an answer come in regarding that question, so I'm wondering now if anyone can answer that question. Does it refer to when the bleeding actually starts?  The first part being just the cramping etc (all but the bleeding)?

Emily -  It's actually in reference to your monthly cycle not just the week of your menstrual period. The first day of your period is the first day of your cycle.  Between days 11 and 21 is when ovulation typically occurs. Once ovulation has occurred your next period will begin about 14 days after that. So personally, I only use Clary Sage during the first half of my monthly cycle but after my period has ended. Around the time that I expect ovulation to occur I discontinue using Clary Sage until I have completed my next period.  Then I begin using it again.  This is just what I do.  I don't know if that is what others do.

Sally - Every woman is different. In general terms the first day of your cycle is the first day of menstruation.  In a generic 28 day cycle the first week is menses, the second week is when you have a good chance of getting pregnant with the 14th day being ovulation. The next two weeks your body is ramping up to embrace a fertilized egg working hard to implant itself in the uterine wall and nourish a baby. If this miracle isn't happening then after day 28 the cycle begins again with menses.  So two weeks after the start of your period is the answer if you have a 28 day cycle. IMPORTANT - THIS IS A GUIDELINE.  THE BEGINNING PART OF THE WOMAN'S CYCLE - start of menses to ovulation can vary greatly depending on many things. I think this phase is called the luteal phase. The time after ovulation is pretty consistent generally between 10 - 14 days. It is during this time to not use Clary Sage if it is known to increase blood flow.  Again, ever body is different and it is very good to learn what your cycle is and be observant of any changes which can be indicative of something more serious.

Elaine - I also have PCOS and Insulin Resistance.  I started the LLV a few weeks ago, but haven't felt much different yet hormonally or energy-wise.  It has helped with digestion, though.  I've been wondering if I should be taking (now A Women's Monthly Blend) and/or the Women's Phytoestrogen Complex.  Should I be using both those products in addition to the LLV for the PCOS? I've also been using Grounding Blend.  I'd read somewhere to rub it under the arms so it gets into the lymph nodes. Sherrie, where do you apply the Grounding Blend each day?

Regarding the cramps--I want to clarify... all these suggestions, the marjoram, (now A Women's Monthly Blend), Cypress, Clary Sage, ylang ylang, geranium and basil--you suggest those topically on the lower abdomen, right?  Is Sandalwood the only one that you take internally to help with cramps?  I've been using Massage Blend and it worked last month and the month before, but didn't work for me this month. Where is the best place to apply Grounding Blend topically for hormone imbalances overall? Should I be using (now A Women's Monthly Blend) and/or the Women's Phytoestrogen Complex to help with PCOS and Insulin Resistance?

Brenda – Geranium, geranium, geranium.

Alice - I love clary sage.  Works great, I rub it over my ovary area.  It works good for ovulation pains too.

Jennifer - My entire life I have had terrible cramps, so did my mom.  I just basically had to deal with them, so I feel for her.  Birth control so helped me, but I didn't go on it until I got married. Since then (because of other issues with birth control) I have used something similar to icy hot, so the Soothing Blend rub on my lower back (I get cramps in my lower back really bad, even still after 5 kids) and then some rubbed on my abdomen helps soo much, so does the (now A Women's Monthly Blend) a bit, but not nearly as much as the Soothing Blend rub.  I know it isn't (...) BUT Salan Pas (they can be found at Walmart) are basically icy hot type patches that I also use when it is really bad and just put them over my ovaries and/or on either side on my lower back.. They give up to 8 hours of relief. I hope she finds relief!

Pat - Apply Grounding Blend either behind the ears or the back of your neck.

Stephanknee - The only thing that works for me is Soothing Blend rub as I get back pain with mine after my last miscarriage. But upping my calcium, magnesium foods help. I have severe endometriosis and nothing works but the Soothing Blend rub for my cramps.


Pam - My 16 year old niece has crazy painful menstrual cramps.  We think that she may have ovarian cysts and/or endometriosis.  It runs in her family.  Should I just recommend Clary Sage?  Is there anything else I could be recommending?  Should I just have her apply the Clary Sage to her lower abdomen using some carrier oil?  

Lisa - I think the primary help for that is FM Assist.  I have used it with my daughter and it worked.  You may have to play with the dose to find the exact match.  Also the MJ Assist is for pain that may also work.  If you search the internet for PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) you will find a lot of information where they are finding this imbalance may be linked to blood sugar abnormalities. It’s worth a try.  Our daughter has to watch her carbohydrates, which seems to help with less ovarian cysts, which cause the pain.

Tara - I have PCOS and my doctor has put me on a low dosage of Metformin. I found out a lot about how my body should be working from reading about it. I still have bad cramps but the MJ Assist has helped me a lot but you can't just take one and expect results instantly. I have taken 2 every 4 hours for my joyful 2-3 days of pain and drink a lot of water.


Brenda – Danielle you wrote that you had amazing testimonials using Bergamot as an anti inflammatory.  How much, how often and how did you use it?  Under tongue, capsules?  

Danielle - When I started using the Bergamot, I stopped having any negative PMS symptoms. I mean totally non-existent. My intuition told me it was the Bergamot. Then, my weight just started coming off! I lost 60 pounds over late summer and fall. I also told my friend who had crippling cramps from her menstrual cycle about the Bergamot. She tried it and, was amazed. She now has no cramps and has very easy periods. Which for her is huge!

I just drink it with a few drops in a glass of water every day. My friend also drinks it and rubs it topically over her abdomen. Hope that helps!

For me I also had more energy and didn't have stomach issues.  I also noticed weight melting off pretty instantly. I was using Frankincense and Wild Orange as well but when I got Bergamot sometime in the summer, the weight just started coming off, very noticeable. It could be the combination of the Frankincense and Wild Orange, too just removing toxins from my liver and body that helped shrink my fat cells.  But, my friend only has the Bergamot and she claims it to be her menstrual lifesaver.


Loe - Can you tell me what you use for menstrual cramps besides Soothing Blend or Digestive Blend?  I get pretty heavy cramps and really could use your advice.

Dot - Flax seed oil - 1 TBSP

Krishna - I was able to give up midal! Using Clary Sage! Just a couple of drops in my hand, rub over area, put on a heating pad if it is really bad! Then I always inhale oils from my hands! Sit back and relax! Pretty soon I'm like,"What am I doing, oh yea, I was in pain! Not anymore!" Love it! Hope this helps! It sure did for me!

Rebecca - Are you taking the LLV?  All my cramps stopped once I started taking this awesome vitamin pack.  Just one of the many great "side effects"!  It took me 3 months to realize that the cramps stopped at the same time LLV started.  I don't have to dread day #2 anymore (the most painful day!)  Hope this will help.  Before the LLV I used to use Peppermint. 

Caroline - LLV and Zendrocrine for me.  My last monthly completely surprised me with its arrival instead of my 2 weeks of pain and feeling like I am getting a cold.  And way less pain during, only thing is it lasted a bit longer than before.  The only thing that hasn't gone away yet is a headache I get right at the end.  This started a few months ago, on the last day I get a horrible headache.  I just use my Peppermint, Wintergreen or Soothing Blend to help with that.  My guess is that my headache is more cause by eating gluten; I have a bad habit of eating gluten foods during my time.

Jeannie - I gave Geranium to a young lady who has severe cramps and had her apply directly to the sight neat. She said her cramps stopped within in 5 min and she was good to go all day. Always be flexible if one oil doesn't work another might.  Your body will tell you.

Bridget - Bergamot! It works really fast and it smells so good, being one of the most highly used perfume bases for a century.

Laura - I agree with a couple others here, Clary Sage, Geranium, or Lavender rubbed with coconut oil on my abdomen and back (I get back cramps) helped me greatly.  Needed only 1-2 applications during the day with Clary Sage and Geranium, even on the bad days.


Samara - What oils would work for menstrual cramps?

Jenny - My daughter uses the FM Assist and she loves them! She takes one and it makes such a huge difference. She has also tried White Fir and Clary Sage and they help too, but she much prefers the FM Assist.

Natalie - I've seen Marjoram used with success for the cramping. The FM Assist is a great combo to address many feminine issues. I would also recommend looking to feminine balance with Sandalwood applied to stomach to get to the root of the issue.

Pat - The amazing Clary Sage that works wonders for cramps and all other female issues, at least in my daughters problems. She puts the Clary Sage on her ankles (both feet) and across the top of her feet, She also uses the FM Assist and now what used to be a big problem is now manageable.

Jan - Peppermint is wonderful too. My girls always ask for it and just rub it over the cramping area.  


Heavy Menstrual Flow

Sophia - I have a very heavy menstrual flow and I came across some information on Geranium oil.  It said it can help with a heavy menstrual flow but that is it.  Does anyone know how I am to apply or take in capsules the Geranium oil and for how long?

Kirsten - Very heavy flows could also be compromising your iron levels so if you are also battling tiredness and lethargy it would be a good idea to run some blood tests to see how you are placed there.  I would also support my liver function by eating whole foods, drinking lots of water and cutting out the processed foods, sugary drinks etc.  I would also look at the chemistry of my environment and use Protective Blend products as far as possible to clean the home - reducing the toxicity of the environment means my body systems have less to cope with.

In the meantime, if it were me I would definitely think about starting the Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV) for all sorts of support reasons, especially the EO Mega.  I would also be using Grounding Blend on the soles of my feet in the mornings and I would also make up a blend to gently rub into my stomach over the uterine area.  This would be:

  20 drops fractionated coconut oil

  5 drops Clary Sage

  5 drops Cypress

  3 drops Rosemary

  3 drops Helichrysum

  3 drops Frankincense

Jeannie (from another inquiry) - I gave Geranium to a young lady who has severe cramps and had her apply directly to the sight neat. She said her cramps stopped within in 5 min and she was good to go all day. Always be flexible if one oil doesn't work another might. Your body will tell you.

Laura (also from another inquiry)- I agree with a couple others here, Clary Sage, Geranium, or Lavender rubbed with coconut oil on my abdomen and back (I get back cramps) helped me greatly.  Needed only 1-2 applications during the day with Clary Sage and Geranium, even on the bad days.


Susan - I was asked the following, “Can someone advise me please.  I have such awful awful awful periods.  Heavy like you would not believe. I will, at this point, try anything. I have an herbal supplement I need to try, but you have to take so many of them, I am not sure if I will do it! So, other ways to help would be great.

Sharon - Rub Metabolic Blend with FCO on the abdomen.  Give it at least one month and be ready for a pleasant surprise!

Maybe I should expand on that.  Metabolic Blend is what attracted me to (...) essential oils. As a nutritional consultant I recognized that these ingredients would detoxify the liver (that's where hormones are not broken down when it's dirty, causing PMS), balance blood sugar (will also cut down on irritability), and dampen appetite but I was not prepared for the hormonal shift. I had abnormal bleeding for one month but no period pain or discomfort at all.  Month two, the bleeding was back to normal.  Like your friend, I had heavy bleeding also due to an inverted uterus.  Just finished month three and again, no problems.  I also used some Metabolic Blend internally but not as much as recommended.

Ramona - I also had success with rubbing Clary Sage on the abdomen, during a heavy period and it helped a ton.

Pat - Also use Cypress it is known to help the heavy bleeding.

Heather - I always had heavy bad periods. I started the LLV supplements thinking it was for my energy, which it helped, but then I started my period and was worried I would be in bed for a day like usual. To my surprise it didn't hurt! I felt a little yucky in my tummy but nothing like before. I used Digestive Blend for the yucky bloated feeling and it worked like a charm. I bled normal 2 days then wrapped it up by the 4th day. Keep in mind I was heavy for 5 or more days before. When your body can assimilate your vitamins and minerals it works so much better! I am inconsistent at taking vitamins too. Just think at what consistency would do for me!  

Jenny - What helps me is to put 1 drop (or 2) of Lavender on the sanitary napkin and mix 1-2 drops of Clove w/FCO and rub on abdomen. The cramp/pain goes away within 5-10 minutes. I've always had painful periods and had to take Advil/Tylenol for most of my life...so this has been a total lifesaver!

Julie Ann - If you have painful periods you probably have inflammation.  I found out through personal use that nothing simply nothing has the instant effect of taking away the pain, cramps and the totally horrible feeling of monthly's like Sandalwood internally.  Take 10 drops at the first sign of the pain; that took care of the first day for me (and I had been hospitalized for them in the past, as they were agonizing), then 6 drops the next day and that was it!  I couldn't believe that I suffered all my life with them and found the answer 2 months before I turned 50....oh well, so much the more, so that I can help someone else!! Then if you want to add Bergamot externally over the tummy area...that is totally comforting too!    


Jenny - I have a friend that has been experiencing very heavy uterine bleeding for several months now. Her biopsies were negative for cancer (thankfully). She has some fibroids but doctors don't seem to think those are causing the bleeding. She is taking progesterone but it isn't helping. She's trying to avoid surgery and is looking for some suggestions. Any help would be much appreciated!

Pat - I would try the tampons with about 8 drops Frankincense on the end and inserted. Each time the tampon is removed remove for at least 48 hours and see if this helps.

Mary - I can second the frankincense; my friend had a lot of success with putting frankincense under her tongue twice a day.

Sheri - I'm the friend that Jenny was referring to. This morning I read Pat's recommendation and I tried it. Before I tried it I was bleeding heavy. That was around 8am, then I applied the frankincense a total of 5 times today and by 1:45pm, I wasn't bleeding! I'm amazed! Not sure what to do now. Will the bleeding stay gone ? Should I switch to putting the oil under my tongue since wearing a tampon when I'm not bleeding isn't safe.  I’m willing to try anything!!

Brenda - I always use the oils in a capsule and insert it vaginally when I need this sort of thing because I don't have tampons in my house any more.  I just put a capsule with frankincense and then top it off with fractionated coconut oil, I insert right as I go to bed, and it is done!! Hope that helps. 

Pat - Thanks for letting us know how you feel. Whatever problem you have is not totally gone. I too would suggest the frankincense under your tongue twice a day. At least 2-3 drops. Also if you haven't started the LLV and Essential Oil Cellular Complex you might want to consider them, in order to put your body into good nutritional balance so it can start its repair.

Riki - Has anyone suggested Helichrysum in a capsule?

Gretchen - I've suffered from heavy periods since I was in high school. My fibroids were a definite contributing factor. Losing weight helped some, but since I heard about it I've been using DDR. I wasn't sure what to expect once I started taking it, but one of the best "side effects" was my periods got lighter and 2 days shorter.


Unusual Menstrual Periods

Annette – I really am having hormone problems. I was having periods every other week... literally. So the doctor put me on birth control medication, the lowest dose. I tried that for a month, and bled slow but constantly for a month, so they put me on the highest dose, and I bled heavy, cramped and felt horrible for a month. So I stopped them, and I quit bleeding, until I just started again after being off for 2 weeks. They said the next step is surgical, but I hate the thought of that. And my face has exploded with acne, I'm sure because of the hormone changes.

Pat – Have you read the material on Candida? There could be this problem as it does have a tendency to cause the bleeding. You could try the GI Cleansing Formula protocol and you could also try the organic tampons with Frankincense on them. This has worked for others.

Stephanie - Laura Jacobs in one of her webinars suggested Helichrysum internally.

LaReita - Another suggestion would be raw almonds.  I have heard in many different places that raw almonds help with the balancing of hormones. Not only that, but I know they are excellent for heart and colon too!

JRW - I just finished the GI Cleansing Formula followed with the Probiotic Defense Formula in an effort to fight off Candida that I have had for over a year and a half. One thing I noticed was for the first time since starting my menstrual cycle I had no PMS symptoms (no cramps, crankiness, insomnia, focus issues, etc) and very little back pain. It was the best period ever.

I would say the GX helped about 80%. I am going to do it two more times along with taking the LLW. If it is Candida (which really does make your menstrual cycle so much more worst) then you may need to do the GI Cleansing Formula a couple times too (I'm doing it 3 times total for extra reinforcement).


April - My friend's daughter has been diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). She doesn't have painful periods or anything, she is just very irregular. Her doctor wants to put her on birth control pills (she is 16) to regulate her period. I know Clary Sage works well, as does FM Assist, as does LLW. I would like someone to tell me which would be best to start with and how to apply, etc, please!

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Sherrie - I just thought I'd share my experience last night in case it may help anyone else.    I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  I have undergone fertility treatments, so I know what my ovaries can look like during ovulation from the ultrasounds. My ovaries produce cysts at times during ovulation.  Last night they were very painful as it is around the right time of the month for ovulation.  Being a purist, I don't take anything for this pain, but last night I thought about using the oils.  I applied a drop of Basil over each ovary and it greatly diminished the pain. Another couple of drops a couple of hours later and I was good to go!   I feel great today.  Hope this helps someone out there.

Dot – Awesome, I was going to suggest Helichrysum but Basil is much less expensive.

Gretchen - A friend of mine has the same experiences. I gave her Clary Sage and Basil. She applied Clary Sage to her lower back and Basil to her abdomen and the pain was gone. She didn't have the experience she had in the past of living through the pain until they popped either. She will continue to use these two oils if they come back. I also mentioned to her she could put the Basil on a tampon but she wasn't interested in that method.


Darlene - My 16 year old daughter has PCOS.  Does anyone have this and what oils are you using and how are you using these oils?

Pat – Here is a protocol that Kathy has had success with:


Use natural tampons without chlorine. Blend:

  8 drops Clary Sage

  8 drops Frankincense

  8 drops Lavender

  8 drops Cypress

  2 TBSP melted virgin coconut oil

Soak the mixture into the tampon.  Insert over night.  Do nightly for one week, then switch for a week to:

  8 drops Frankincense

  8 drops Geranium

  5 drops Myrrh

  2 TBSP grape seed oil

Bonnie - Thanks Pat, this is for a 12 year old who can't use a tampon. Any other suggestions? I had her using these oils topically but don't think there was much result, as I kind of expected.

Stephanie - What about mixing the oils with coco butter and making a little bolus and inserting it?  With a 12 year old that can be a little weird for her depending on how she reacts to things like that.

Pat - Also consider just use the same oils on her feet and the female reflexology point (ankles). There are other ways of inserting oils, Stephanie's idea is good also.

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