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Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


See more very helpful information under the general category of auto-immune diseases.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease wherein the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy body organs and tissue. With lupus this may be in the joints, skin, Lupus facial rashkidneys, brain, lungs, heart or other organs of the body. It occurs much more frequently in women than men and more often among Asians and African Americans. Medically it is not understood why autoimmune diseases occur but there are many that suggest candida infections and diet play a role.

Because of the wide range of body systems that may be attacked and the chronic inflammation that occurs lupus can be mistaken for other disorders and difficult to diagnose. One symptom of lupus that occurs in about 50% of the instances is a rash that may include the face with what is known as the butterfly pattern across the cheeks and bridge of the nose. The rash gets worse with sunlight and is also seen on other parts of the body. Other symptoms can include breathing pain, fatigue, fever, hair loss, mouth sores and uneasiness. Some have no visible symptoms, this is know as discoid lupus. Finally if specific parts of the body are affected there may be particular symptoms associated with that area. The brain and nervous system and lead to headaches, numbness, personality changes, seizures, tingling sensations and vision problems. The digestive tract can lead to pain, nausea or vomiting; the heart can lead to arrhythmias; and the skin can lead to the rash previously mentioned as well as patchy skin color.


[search helps: Systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE, disseminated lupus erythematosus, lupus erythematosus, discoid lupus]

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends:  CloveEC, Soothing Blend, Digestive Blend, FrankincenseC, Ginger, HelichrysumC, Lavender, LemonC, Lemongrass, Protective BlendC, OreganoC, Detoxifying Blend

Essential oils based products: GI Cleansing Formula/Probiotic Defense Formula, Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV), Detoxifying Blend Detoxification Complex

Also consider: Grounding BlendC, Geranium, MelaleucaC, Rosemary, Calming BlendC

Note: to understand the E and C superscript go to Home and scroll to New Helps.

Suggested protocols:

see also general suggestions for autoimmune disorders.

Nutritional Foundation and Support

  Consistently using the LLV supplements and 8 drops or 1 capsule of Essential Oil Cellular Complex 2 times per day will definitely be beneficial. Many suggest limiting sugars along with dairy or other food groups if there are known allergies.

  2 -3 drops of Frankincense 2 - 4 times daily under the tongue, internally with a spoonful of honey or in a capsule.


  Detoxifying Blend Detoxification Complex with Detoxifying Blend is a mild detoxification for the vital organs.

  Lots of water with 1 - 3 drops of Lemon or other citrus oils per glass of water. If this is difficult take 10 - 12 drops of Lemon or other citrus oils in a capsule daily.

  Some suggest a candida cleanse for autoimmune diseases (see Autoimmune). For candida use the GI Cleansing Formula/Probiotic Defense Formula protocol (see Detoxification for more details). Others suggest this is not helpful for Lupus. If used consider that some with autoimmune disorders are particularly sensitive and should start this cleanse with 1 GX capsule daily for 2 days, if no skin or digestive reactions increase to 2 capsules for 2 days and then if no reactions to the prescribed 3 per day.


  Daily internally 4 drops of Lemongrass or Helichrysum coupled with the Detoxifying Blend (see above) or 4 drops Geranium and Rosemary.

Pain, for relief from specific symptoms consider the following:

  Joints - Soothing Blend rub or blend topically to area of pain.

  Digestion - Digestive Blend and/or Ginger internally and/or topically.

  Skin rashes - Lavender and/or Geranium to sooth.

Bath, some have found an Epson Salts bath periodically soothing and helpful.

   1 cup of Epson Salts  with 4 drops of each Lavender, Lemongrass, Clove and 2 drops of Roman Chamomile.

  (also consider 2 drops of any or all the following for specific needs,  Frankincense, Myrrh, Wintergreen and/or Cinnamon).

  Mix the oils with the Epson Salts, run the hot water bath and dissolve the Epson Salts mixture in the water and soak for 20 minutes.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

Stephanie  - I have a good friend who has Lupus.  This has resulted in some scleroderma in his esophagus.  He will be starting the LLV.  For the throat issues, we are thinking that he should swallow the DDR.  Does anyone else have any thoughts or recommendations for the scleroderma of the throat?  

Charly - I have it there and I don't have great answers. I am using the Essential Oil Cellular Complex in drop form as well as ginger, Digestive Blend and other oils for digestion and cleansing (TerraZyme, for eg). The biggest changes have been in my diet. 


Brenda - Someone told me with lupus they are putting some of the inflammation oils on topically and also Grounding Blend on the inflamed and painful joints.  What does Grounding Blend do for pain? 

Kris – I cannot tell you why, but Dr. Hill recommended that I use Grounding Blend and some other oils for a torn meniscus and osteoarthritis in the knees.

Rita - Do you use just a drop or two of Lemongrass?  Dr Lawton always says less is more and especially with Lemongrass. I put a drop of Frankincense on a few spots on my arm that hurts because I've heard that Frankincense layered first makes everything work better. Then I've mixed a few drops of Lemongrass with an ounce or two of FCO. Marjoram also helps with pain and I'll add a few drops of that. Also if I had Helichrysum that is apparently the best thing for pain.  My pain has diminished considerably over the last two months.  It does take time and consistency.


Emily - I have a friend just diagnosed with Tumid Lupus. She has horrible rashes on her elbows and knees. She scratches them raw because nothing brings relief.  They are aggravated by the sun and come and go. My own thoughts for immediate itch relief is Lavender and Peppermint with FCO applied topical. Then it sounds like a cleanse would be in order and LLV. Let me know if anyone has personal experience with this or some serious ideas on what to do.

Amelia - I wonder if the suggestion Laura Jacobs made for eczema would work for this?  She said to apply Coriander as needed topically then take internally 2-3 drops of both Melaleuca and Lavender 2-3 times a day.

On top of that I would definitely suggest GI Cleansing Formula and Probiotic Defense Formula cleanse since we know the common theory is all auto-immune diseases come from candida albican overgrowth. It could take 2-3 rounds (more or less) of this cleanse and it will most likely get worse before it gets better but I feel it would be worth it if it goes away as a result. If she is open to it I would also suggest LLV because it will support her body as it heals.

DQ - I would go a step further and say candida is either caused by or thrives on mercury toxicity which is why we need Cilantro. 7 drops in a capsule is what I heard but I would work up slowly to that amount. Candida is not a disease, it's a symptom!

Amber - I agree with everything said but for immediate help with painful rashes would be geranium and frankincense in a capsule.


Sharon - What is the protocol for Lupus?

Pat – Here is a protocol that I have. Lupus Protocol:


*First do a candida albican cleanse using GI Cleansing Formula for 10 days followed by PB+ for 5 days wait 10 days then do this same cleanse again. During this cleanse it would probably be a great idea to drink lots of water w/a citrus essential oil in it...my favorite is Lemon and/or Grapefruit. Using Detoxifying Blend essential oil topically over the liver and adrenals would also be helpful.

*Second start taking (...)’s Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV) vitamin supplements as soon as the above cleanse is completed. Can begin these after the first round of GI Cleansing Formula and Probiotic Defense Formula but with ½ the recommended dosage until the 2nd round of this cleanse is complete.


*Third make ingesting/using citrus oils a daily priority. Use your favorite and at least 10 drops daily either in water or a veggie capsule. In addition to these suggestions I would also do the following for both liver support as well as anti-inflammatory properties: 4 drops Lemongrass (If Lemongrass not helpful try 4 drops helichrysum), 4 drops Rosemary and 4 drops Geranium (or Detoxifying Blend) in a capsule daily. Other oils to consider adding to this capsule are 2 drops Frankincense and/or 2 drops Myrrh along with 4 drops Oregano.

*To address additional pain consider using Soothing Blend rub topically or Soothing Blend essential oil topically as well as Wintergreen topically. For pain also consider taking the following in a veggie capsule as needed for the pain: 2-4 drops Lavender, 2-4 drops Wintergreen , and 2-4 drops Clove, repeat as needed.


*Using the previous oils mentioned above plus try making an Epson Salts bath soak by doing the following: Per 1 cup of Epson Salts add 4 drops of each of these oils Lavender, Lemongrass, Clove and 2 drops of Roman Chamomile and consider using 2 drops of these oils as well Frankincense, Myrrh, Wintergreen and Cinnamon. Mix the oils with the Epson Salts prior to placing in water. Run the water as hot as you can stand it and dissolve the Epson Salts mixture in the water and soak for 20 minutes. You may change the oils to suit to your own liking or needs, this is just the mixture that has worked for others.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Rita - I am having some inflammation issues with arthritis and possible rotator cuff problems. I'm 62 . I've been eating clean and fresh for a few months also. I started LLV about 8 weeks  ago and I added TerraZyme a couple of weeks ago.  I have felt better and with more energy than I have in years. But not pain free yet.  I started Detoxifying Blend yesterday one in the morning one at evening meals. I woke up this morning with pain all over. It felt like I'd been run over by a Mack truck.   Is this normal? No I haven't done the cleanse routine. Should I do that first? What is the reasoning and protocol for using any and all these cleansing products?

Sandy - I have Lupus and struggle often with the body aches and pains. I use Detoxifying Blend one week a month to help with a detoxification. I also use a drop of Protective Blend (oral) every morning and a drop before and after going out in public. I have a blend in a bottle on hand for the bottoms of my feet, under my arms and on my neck when I get out of the shower each day: 4 oz Fractionated Coconut Oil with 2 drops each of Protective Blend, Grounding Blend and Clove Oil. When I remember to do this, my symptoms are much less severe. People without Lupus and other Immunodeficiencies don't understand that it's a process. You will find what works for one may not work for another. Hang in there, you will find what works for you, I promise.

Kelly - Boyd Truman talked about this very thing.  Your body has a build up of all the years of gunk.  He suggested to back off a bit with the oils.  It's possible the Detoxifying Blend twice a day is too much right now.  Everything you are taking is loosening up all that gunk.  Drink lots of water with lemon.  Also, he suggests strongly Massage Blend and wintergreen for inflammation.  I have used it on my Dad with amazing results for pain and inflammation.  I hope this helps.


PT - I have a dear friend that has been dealing with Lupus for 6 years. I'm wondering if anyone has had any success using EO's in treating the symptoms of Lupus. I would very much like to help my friend get off his regiment of anti-inflammatory meds as I know they can be harmful to the stomach etc.

Pat – see protocol quoted previously.

WNM - I have a friend who was healed from Lupus.  Try sugar free, gluten free and probably dairy free, all organic diet.  Her practitioner's thinking is that lupus isn't one thing but a cluster of symptoms.  Overall healing strategies were used to help.

Christy - When you say sugar free, you don't mean sugar free things that have artificial sweeteners in them, right?  Is Stevia something that is allowed?

Pat – Stevia yes, but not artificial sweeteners.

Lori - The only sugar/sweetener that I have read about and used that is 100% natural and has a low glycemic index is Palm Sugar.  It is expensive and bakes like a dry brown sugar, but is all right for diabetics and those staying away from sweeteners that spike the blood sugars.

Victoria – Stevia is great.

Darla - Stevia is an excellent sweetener and it is not a sugar. Nu Stevia is a patented Stevia product with no calories and comes in a form for baking that replaces sugar in baked good and has been proven to balance blood sugars and diabetics both type 1 and 2 can use safely. They are a cold pressed patented product with no bitter taste or after taste of any kind.

Lori - Just wanted to make sure that any of us that are looking for sweet alternatives to be mindful of what they contain.  I have only purchased Stevia once from a health food store.  It tasted very bitter.  Didn't like it.  Then I found that some of the powder form is bulked up with other things and not 100% Stevia.  Please do some checking around.  Again it is reinforced that the whole plant is better than an extraction from it.  I have taken many things out of my diet, but sugar is not one of them even though it's a proven poison.  So, I am on a journey to less sweets and lessen the Candida level. (Personally I feel 80% of the population is dealing with Candida symptoms and not even aware of it).


Jenyce – A friend with lupus, I started her on LLW supplements but what essential oils would be good for her. Any experiences or suggestions would be very helpful?

Pat - Without a doubt the Candida blend, 5 drops of lemon, 5 drops of Melaleuca and 3 drops of Oregano in a gel cap, taken daily.

ReNay -  How many days on and how many off? How will I know when I no longer have a Candida problem or should i come to grips that i will forever have his problem?

Pat - You may have to take the blend for at least 6 months, make sure you always take a break between each 30 day period. (...) is working on the capsule for this candida problem. It will be so much easier and (...) is always looking for ways for using the oils more efficiently. Dr. Hill suggests a two week break between taking another regiment. Good Luck to you.


Heidi - Since joining (...) and expanding my health horizons, I have learned that most auto-immune diseases are caused by candida over-growth.  I am wondering where I might find some research to send to my loved ones with auto-immune diseases to reinforce this knowledge? RA and Lupus in particular.  Thanks!

Charly - I would be quite careful in that characterization. I have an autoimmune disease called mixed connective tissue disease. This autoimmune disease includes several different diseases including lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, reynauds, scleroderma, fibromyalgia and other goodies. It is definitely not caused by Candida, and is detectable as an actual marker in the blood that is genetic. While I am sure there are many autoimmune diseases that can be attributed to Candida in terms of flareups, it is a little bit broad to say that it is caused by Candida. I have heard this many times, and it always makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Sharon - And while candida is often promoted as a "cause" it is actually a side effect of a poor immune system and/or toxicity.  We all have candida bacteria and need it but it is only when it goes out of balance that there is a problem.

Anne - I heartily agree that it does (...) a dis-service to make sweeping generalizations about causes and cures in the definitive.  Just as allopathic medicine really has few definitives on this class of illnesses and their treatment, alternative therapies have similar potential for benefit. The huge plus is that EOs have yet to be shown to have the same long list of negative side effects that many allopathic treatments have... I've been thrilled to reduce many and even eliminate daily need for a couple of my medications, but EOs alone are not enough for my condition. I wish modern medicine would incorporate "alternatives" to pharmaceuticals into the standard of care rather than the two be seen as such opposites in an "either/or" mentality.

Belma - Hi Heidi. While I think it is wonderful that you want to share (...) info with your loved ones, I have to agree with the other ladies who've commented. I cringe whenever someone tells me that they have the cure for my MS, or my daughter's Lupus. I love that you want to help the people you care about who have auto-immune disorders. (...) oils and supplements definitely do help with the symptoms. However our diseases are not caused by candida. I feel very uncomfortable whenever I see this brought up. It’s a piece of it and perhaps a misunderstanding that gets shared. I would agree that inflammation is an issue with both Lupus and MS. I've had MS for over 26 years, and my daughter was diagnosed with Lupus four years ago. My hope would be that you would share with those you love, that (...) oils and supplements can possibly improve their quality of life. Frankincense and Peppermint sure have made an amazing difference for me! Our bodies are all different and even those of us who have the same diagnosis, many times do not have the same issues or symptoms. So the same oils or supplements may not work exactly in the same way for each of us. But it is so worth it to explore what might help.   I applaud you for wanting to help those people in your life with auto-immune disorders! Please do understand that. I suggest that you present this information to them by saying that inflammation is commonly caused by candida, and (...) has ways to help with that. You might also find out what their specific issues are and then recommend which oils would help.

Protocols folks recommend for children



Diet and Nutritional complements to essential oils


What Science & Research are saying

Candida, Inflammation & Auto-Immune Illnesses

Kathy - This summary is based on Dr. Bruce Semon's book An Extraordinary Power to Heal (2003). This summary gives general explanations about how yeast can cause so-called autoimmune illnesses and chronic disease. For detailed explanations, including an extensive chapter on how the immune system is supposed to work--and how yeast prevent it from working correctly--we recommend that you read An Extraordinary Power to Heal.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Numbness in the hands, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Ulcerative colitis:  What do these have in common?  They all respond to dietary intervention and anti-yeast treatment.

Why might chronic diseases ranging from psoriasis to ulcerative colitis to arthritis respond to dietary intervention and anti-yeast treatment? These diseases are all marked by the body appearing to attack itself. They are called "auto-immune" diseases.

I have always considered the idea of the body attacking itself as a strange idea. Why should the body do that? In 40 years of research, the biomedical research community has been unable to come up with any answer. Maybe the concept is wrong.

Maybe the body is not attacking itself primarily. Maybe the primary target is not the body but the yeast Candida albicans. To understand how such terrible diseases can occur, we need to look at the interactions of Candida albicans and the immune system.

Yeast are normal residents of the intestinal tract. After antibiotics, yeast grow to fill in the space left by dead bacteria and the yeast continue to grow at this higher level. The body still must contain the yeast so that the yeast does not invade the rest of the body. If Candida invades the body, the result is often death.

The best way to look at the immune system is to understand that the immune system has both defensive and offensive weapons. The main defensive weapon is inflammation. Inflammation is like putting up a wall, a hot wall, which makes it difficult for invading foreign microorganisms to get through. Inflammation will occur anytime the immune system contacts a foreign invader. But as you know the inflammation is painful. Along with the inflammation, should come the offensive weapons which kill the foreign invader. The problem is that Candida has many tricks to evade the offensive weapons of the body's immune system.

Candida is a very difficult organism for the body's immune system to clear.   Why?

Yeast have a capsule on the outside which prevents the first line (phagocytic) white blood cells of the body from engulfing the yeast and killing it. So the body must rely on the other parts of the immune system.

Candida has other tricks to evade the body's immune system. One of these tricks is to change its outside. The immune system recognizes the outside receptors of the invading organism and then sends out signals to start an immune response. Some of the immune responders then look for cells with those receptors. Candida albicans can change the receptors which it is displaying, making it difficult for the body's immune cells to react appropriately. In essence, Candida albicans is a moving target, which changes its form.

The most important thing to know about Candida is that Candida albicans can make factors which suppress the immune response to itself. These factors can be found in the circulation of people with significant Candida infections. When these factors are purified and placed in cultures of immune cells, these immune cells do not develop the responses to Candida which they are supposed to develop. In other words, Candida can make factors, which prevent the body from reacting to and killing the Candida. These factors prevent the total eradication of Candida from the body.

The Candida can suppress the offensive weapons of the body's immune system. But the inflammation will still be generated because when the immune system detects a foreign invader, there will always be inflammation. The problem is that the foreign invader, the Candida, is not going away, because the immune system's offensive weapons are suppressed. The inflammation will remain and inflammation is painful.

In the intestinal tract, there is Candida, which tries to invade the intestinal wall, and the immune system responds with inflammation. The problem is that the Candida suppresses the immune system's offensive weapons, so the Candida stays and the inflammation is prolonged. This prolonged inflammation is called ulcerative colitis if it occurs in the large intestine and it is called Crohn's disease if it occurs in the small intestine. These disorders are prolonged inflammation resulting from the immune system's inability to clear Candida.

In ulcerative colitis, there is painful inflammation of the intestine rather than regulated containment. As the body fights the yeast in the intestine, some of the cells fighting the yeast circulate and come into contact with yeast on the skin and start an inflammation there, leading to eczema and psoriasis .

Candida causes autoimmune problems such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis in this way. Candida puts out receptors on its cell surface which are actually human receptors for connective tissue and the immune system. If the body attacks the Candida in the intestinal tract, the body's immune system will attack anything which looks like the Candida. Because of the connective tissue receptors on Candida, the body's immune system may attack other cells in the body which have these receptors.

Many tissues such as the joints have connective tissue and as the body attacks the Candida, the body will also attack these cells. The result is painful joints or other inflamed tissues.

Candida also has receptors which are similar to those in the brain. When these cells are attacked, the result is multiple sclerosis.

In other words, Candida acts as a long term vaccination displaying the body's own cellular receptors to the body's immune system. When the immune system sees such receptors for a long enough time, it will attack cells which display such receptors, which includes the cells of the body. There is research which shows that such immune system reactions occur. The yeast Candida is the primary target. If the Candida is removed the body stops attacking itself.


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