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Gall Bladder inflammation (cholecystitis)

Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


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The most common cause of a gall bladder attack or inflammation of the gall bladder is a gallstone blocking one of the ducts where bile leaves the gall bladder. This blockage results in irritation and the gall bladder may become swollen. Physical injury in an accident or occasionally an infection can result in this inflammation.

The gallbladder itself is under the liver and is located on the front right side just below the rib cage. The liver, gall bladder and pancreas help in the digestive process by producing and storing bile and digestive enzymes. Bile assists in digesting fats and high cholesterol foods. It is produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder from where it is injected into the small intestines through the common bile duct as needed.

Symptoms of an inflamed gall bladder may include nausea, vomiting, or pain in the right side of the abdomen, back, or just under the arm.


[search helps: Choledocholithiasis, Cholelithiasis; Gallbladder attack; Biliary colic; Gallstone attack; Biliary calculus]

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends:  Digestive Blend, Lemon, Protective Blend, Peppermint

Essential oils based products: Probiotic Defense Formula, ZDC, Detoxifying Blend

Also consider: GeraniumC, HelichrysumC, LavenderC, RoseE, RosemaryEC

Note: to understand the E and C superscript go to Home and scroll to New Helps.

Suggested protocols:

see also the protocols for Gallstones

Discomfort and pain (this is also reported to help those that have had their gall bladder removed and experience digestive discomfort) :

Digestive Blend and Peppermint may be applied topically or taken in a capsule internally. Alternate between the two oils.

Regular use of a probiotic like Probiotic Defense Formula


Long term detoxification and balance:

Do 14 day cleanse using:

  10 drops Peppermint

  10 drops Lemon

  2 drops Protective Blend

  Juice from 1 whole lemon

  Add to 8 ounces of water, drink over one hour period

Follow this with daily use of the Detoxifying Blend detoxification:

  2 tablets Detoxifying Blend Detoxification Complex morning and evening

  5 drops Detoxifying Blend internally in a capsule daily

Experiences and Testimonials of others

BK - I have been plagued with bloating, gas and discomfort for a number of years, but it has, until recently, been only at occasional times. Now I find it happening more often and lasting for days. I will be having my gall bladder removed soon because I am full of stones. Since finding out the nature of my discomfort I began putting Peppermint oil in tea or coffee whenever I began feeling distressed - usually after a meal. Since I have been doing this the problem seems to be quelled before it develops into a full attack. Sometimes I have even rubbed the oil on my stomach and gall bladder area before going to bed and I wake up in the morning with absolutely no discomfort at all. I use Peppermint for lots of things, but for this problem it has been such a wonderful relief.


LTT - I was reading about the liver cleanse recommended and wonder if there is anything else recommended for inflammation of the liver/gall bladder.

Julie Ann - I would suggest to do the intense cleanse below (this cleanse is a 14 day major cleanse for the liver):

10 Drops Peppermint oil

10 Drops Lemon oil

2 drops Protective Blend

Juice from 1 lemon  (in 8oz’s. of water - this can be taken over an hours time).  

Follow this with regular use of the Detoxifying Blend detoxification.


Maree - Can anyone help someone who has had their gall bladder removed?  She says, "Shortly after I eat after having fasted, I always have major cramps and diarrhea. It hits within about 20 minutes like clockwork. I'm pretty sure it overwhelms my system after not having anything in my stomach for 24 hours."

Denise - Many people have what is known as dumping action after gall bladder removal. For me it happens when I don’t eat on schedule or fast. Digestive Blend and Peppermint, topically, helps with the cramps. I alternate with Digestive Blend and Peppermint. 

Everyone is different, but many people find they also have dumping action when they eat specific things.

Julie Ann - Denise is right on target.  Digestive Blend and Peppermint both are lifesavers for digestive upsets. Also the Probiotic Defense Formula would be a good thing to do during the month. It restores the friendly bacteria and helps balance pH in your digestive track.


Loryjean - My niece has been diagnosed with gallstones; some in her bile duct. I could find Lavender and Rosemary recommended; does anyone know of anything else, or a specific protocol I could suggest?

Brooke - I don't know exactly what would help with the "stones' per se but I know that lecithin and Lemon work really well to help the gallbladder.  My mom takes 3 -120mg capsules of lecithin every morning and night, and puts Lemon essential oil in her water all day long.  

Chris - I was diagnosed with gallstones years ago and chose not to have my gallbladder removed.  One thing that is so very important is to stay away from any type of fried foods. Hope that will help some.   

Maria - Have her put Lemon in her drinking water and use the Protective Blend and Digestive Blend internally in capsules. My family has often used "Dr. Hulda's Gallbladder Cleanse" and I've passed numerous gallstones myself using this cleanse. You can Google this and it will pull up the protocol.  I prefer the Grapefruit juice over the Lemon juice.

JJ - Stan Burroughs is a very good cleans. I use it every 6 months whether I have symptoms or not.  Dr. Hulda's is more aggressive if you are severely suffering from liver problems or kidney and gallbladder stones.  You can find these both on the Internet.  As for oils to help supplement your efforts, I agree with other that  Grapefruit, Lemon, Clove, and Peppermint help.  Drink and apply topically.

Shay - My friend is pregnant and just found out she has gallstones. What oils would be safe during pregnancy and get rid of gallstones, and how would she take them?    

Lil - A few drops of Protective Blend will kill the pain, stop the diarrhea, and keep the nausea if she has it. I'm speaking from first person here; I've been there and done that. A few drops in a glass of water when there is pain (or directly under the tongue if she can). Otherwise, I would not worry about the stones until after the baby is born. Then I would do a cleanse with pure apple juice, water, Lemon juice, and olive oil. Then, no more stones. Also in the meantime, I would always add Lemon oil in my water every day. I would not be surprised if all the stones were gone by the time the baby arrives.

Blessings to your friend, her precious unborn child, and YOU for caring and serving others!


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