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Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


Fever indicates that the body’s temperature is above normal.  This is usually caused by some infection in the body and the body’s natural reaction is to raise its temperature to help fight against the infection.  The body temperature can be measured orally or rectally.  The normal oral temperature of the body is 98.6°F and is 99.5°F is commonly accepted as “having a fever”.  This can vary about 1 degree from individual to individual and rectal temperatures will typically be 1 degree higher than oral. 

For infants fevers should be considered serious.  For children from a few months to a few years old with (oral) fevers less than 100.2°F it is commonly recommended to not treat the fever unless there is severe discomfort.  If the fever is over 106°F the condition can be something beyond common infections and should be considered serious.

Safety Precautions: If high temperatures persist seek help in understanding the root cause with a licensed healthcare provider.

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends:  EucalyptusEC, LemonEC, PeppermintEC

Essential oils based products:

Also consider: BasilEC, Black PepperC, CloveC, FrankincenseEC, LavenderC, LimeC, MelaleucaC, RosemaryC

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Suggested protocols:

Apply Peppermint to the forehead, back of neck, and bottoms of feet.  Apply frequently, 15-30 minutes, till the fever goes down.

For infants dilute the oils that go on forehead and back of neck.  Only 1 drop in each area is probably required.  Be careful baby does not touch the areas of applied oils and rub their eyes. Or place one drop Peppermint on caregiver’s hands, let the oil evaporate till moisture seems to  disappear then rub hands on baby’s feet.

Lemon or Peppermint can be added to water with honey or agave and sipped.  Also diffusing, cup and inhale or an inhaler can be used.

The body can also be cooled with a tepid compress prepared with 1-2 drops of Peppermint and/or Eucalyptus. Also consider preparing a tepid bath or foot bath with 1 or 2 drops of Peppermint and/or Eucalyptus or apply neat to the feet.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

A submission directly to  EverythingEssential.me.  Our thanks to:

    Julie Ann Scott

Julie Ann -
Thanksgiving Eve I received a frantic call from my niece Kerri.  For the last 3 years her Thanksgiving family get together has been ruined because of sick children, and it was happening again this year. In tears she asked if she could bring her 3 babies to my house for an Massage Blend treatment.  I told her no, that I would bring my massage table and oils to her house and treat her babies, ages 7,5 & 4 because it was too rainy and cold for them to be out.

They were very sick when I arrived, high fevers, vomiting, congested, you name it they seemed to have it.  I put the 5 year old on the table and he simply loved it...slept through most of it and when we were through, he told his uncle that "he had to have one of 'dem esencial oil tweetments' from Aunt Julie cause it was awesome and he would love it too!"

The 4 year old has a history of seizures (from vaccines), and was scorching hot when we started on her (high fevers are what trigger her seizures) so this was sorta new territory for me with her.  When we got to the Melaleuca oil she started heaving and twitching and I thought she was going into a seizure but no, she just started vomiting which we were ready for with towels, we cleaned it up and continued with the Massage Blend. She too fell asleep and her fever went way down and when we were finished with her she was much better.

The 7 year old is a veteran of the oils and loved her treatment very much. When I was through with all 3 youngans and ready to leave they were all three up and running around the house like they had never been sick to begin with.  I told my niece to prepare for their fevers breaking during the night. Sure enough...their fevers broke, the babies all slept through the night and the family had a wonderful Thanksgiving with relatives and friends the next day.

Once again (...) essential oils to the rescue...saved my niece's sanity, the babies health, the families Thanksgiving holiday and gained me another convert to the oils. Kerri now has the Massage Blend oils and is totally revamping her medicine cabinets!   Hallelujah for Essential Oils!  


April - I've seen some suggestions for using Peppermint for fevers. Can you tell me how to apply to a toddler who has no other symptoms? Just a fever.

Samara - I put the Peppermint on the back of the neck, the forehead and the bottom of the feet.  It doesn't take a lot, maybe one drop for the whole body of a toddler. 

Robert - Yes, also remember frequency.  Especially dealing with a high fever, don't be afraid to reapply frequently till the fever goes down.  This isn't motrine. You don't have to wait 4 hours between applications.  I wouldn’t hesitate applying every 10-15 min to the feet or other places till the fever goes down. Watch for cross contamination to the eyes with infants and use a carrier except for bottom of feet.

Chris - Shortly after I started using oils my niece came over with her little daughter(4 years old).  She was burning up. I wasn't sure what to do so I got her some water and put Lemon in it because I knew she would drink that and I wanted to keep her hydrated.  My niece asked me to watch her while she went to the store to get some Tylenol.  She said I could use oils while she was gone but did not believe they would do anything.  I called a friend and learned about Peppermint.  I took a few drops rubbed them in my hands then rubbed them into the soles of her feet.  She climbed into my lap and I held her little Peppermint feet in my hands while she coughed, cried and sipped on her water.

As we sat and waited for her mother to get back I felt her temperature drop.  The store was less than 2 miles away but by the time her mom returned her temperature had dropped and she greeted her mom with, "I don't need that now mom, Auntie Chris' oils made me feel better.”  She was then ready to play. Her mother still doesn't believe but her daughter loves the oils.


Mattie - My son has had a fever for two days now and I have used oregano, Protective Blend plus lemon in his drink. Peppermint on feet, forehead back of the head and tummy religiously, I have even thrown in Anti-Aging Blend because if what they said at the conference.  It started getting really high last night 103.00 and it wasn't about to stop so I used tylonol and it finally broke. It is rising again and I don't want to use tylonol again. What else can I do?!??

Rachel - Sometimes with a fever, it needs to get high enough to stimulate the immune system to be on "high-alert." We found that letting it get high sometimes helps and then applying the peppermint oil with a cool pack.

Ramona - What about a bath in lukewarm water with peppermint oil in the tub?  I also like to diffuse oils at the same time.  Good luck.  I know fevers can be scary, but they can also be a great healing tool for the body.

Pat - Fevers help burn off the bad stuff that's why sometimes it’s hard to get it down. A bath with tepid water and lavender could help and continuous use of the peppermint. I would also run Frankincense down the spine in case he is fighting infection somewhere.

Heather - I do spinal for all sicknesses. FCO, oregano, melaleuca, lemon, Protective Blend, Respiratory Blend, peppermint. I rub hands on feet after spinal to get leftover oils on feet. I agree with comments about fever and needing to get high. Add some Epsom salt to bath with peppermint and frankincense.  Sometimes it’s hard and we do what we can. Hang in there. It will break. Help kill the virus and it will help the fever do its job. I fill a 4 oz glass spray bottle with water and 10 drops Protective Blend. Another with lemon, and another with peppermint. Shake and spray in mouth at least 3 X a day. Also get throat drops and break them up and give them pieces all day. A whole one is too much for my little ones.

Mattie - Thank you everyone for your response. He is doing better today. I did use a cool rag last night and that was not a popular choice for him. But I kept trying. I just got so scared last night. Someone told me that high fevers can cause brain damage and I didn't know how high that was before that could happen. So yeah, I am sure it is much higher than 103 but I had no idea so I just got scared. Thank you for all your responses, it truly means a lot!

Rachel - One last thought- artificial fevers caused by head trauma, etc. can cause brain damage, but if it is the body's own doing, it will not cause any harm. I have seen it time and time again with friends and with my own family. My little girl had a fever a couple years ago that got to 105.7 and as soon as she hit that temp, she cooled down, began to sweat, and then fell asleep quickly. She slept through the night that night and awoke in the morning as if nothing had happened the night before. Her pneumonia was gone, and she went about her day like normal. We had been using the oils and an onion poultice to treat her for 3 days at that point. For us, this was an incredible miracle, and we are so thankful that we let her body heal itself when given the proper tools. I should also mention that we were both completely comfortable with this procedure, but not everyone is, so I share this with that in mind.

EFL - Prolonged high fever can damage hearing. I know, because my uncle lost his hearing this way and had to have a cochlear implant. White Fir helps bring down fever as well. When sponging down a fever, use warm water, not cold. Add Peppermint to the water. The evaporation on the skin of the warm water works like sweat does, naturally cooling. It is not necessary to use cold water, and it is uncomfortable to the person experiencing the fever.

Rachel - High fevers will also cause damage to your teeth.  My niece experienced high fevers as a little one 104-106 every time she got sick.  She now has white stain marks on her teeth, which is caused from the high fevers.  It damaged her permanent teeth.

Hans - I am deaf in one ear from high fever due to mumps when I was 3 years old. I adapted pretty well I am told.  Fever is good but it can cause problems. Very young kids can endure 105°F+ fever with little damage, but the same high temp in an older person can be seriously bad news. I don't know what the age delta is where damage can start to happen but perhaps someone else here does have that info.

Pat - You are correct Hans, thanks for sharing. I know that the fever can burn off certain infections but I know you have to be very cautious when fever is present. We had a lot of comments about the effects of high fevers for extended periods of time. So you really do need to show prudence when dealing with this.

Gin - I was always told if it goes over 104 call the ER nurse to see if you should go in. I have a friend who is completely deaf from a high fever and another friend’s sister had a very high fever during a storm and they couldn't get her to the hospital and she suffered mild brain damage. Her IQ is slightly below average. So I am cautious with fevers. I believe in the oils and use them but there are times when we do have to use modern medicine (rare as it may be).


Melanie - Help with swine flu, I remember someone having an example, what protocol was been recommended.

Cynthia - I remember an example of a mom with a ... school child came down with swine flu and was back to school in a couple days, whereas the child next to them in class who also had swine flu was out for 2 weeks.  Sorry I don't know which oils she used. 

Alisse - Its called flu shot in a bottle.  It is Protective Blend, Oregano and Lemon with FCO.  I don't know the exact proportions.  I used it on my kids and I broke a fever of 105 on my 16 year old in 2 days and my other 4 kids didn't even get sick.  It is awesome!

Natalie - My son had swine flu along with 4 other boys from his B-Ball team, I gave him 4 drops of Oregano, Lemon, and Protective Blend in a capsule 3 times daily and used Peppermint on his feet for the high fever.  He was perfectly fine 3 days later.  I did continue the capsules for 5 days. His friends took 6-10 days to recover and they all developed coughs that lasted even longer than that. My cousin had the same quick results with her son that used this protocol.

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