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Eyesight, Failing

Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


Presbyopia or failing eyesight

Presbyopia or failing eyesight, is part of the normal aging process.  In the mid 40s many notice that they must hold items further away to be able to focus and read.  This is caused as the elasticity of the lens of the eye is lost.  This is commonly corrected by using eye glasses.

Other eye problems include:


Cataracts most often occur with aging but occasionally they can result after some eye surgery, eye trauma, diseases such as diabetes, from some forms or radiation, or as a congenital defect.  Cataracts may form in either or both eyes.  They happen as the lens of the eye clouds or fogs not allowing light to pass clearly through the lens to the retina.  The lens is made up of water and protein and with age this protein clumps together disrupting the clearness of the lens.  Some research suggests that beyond normal “wear and tear” smoking may be a cause.


Macular degeneration

Macular Degeneration of EyeMacular degeneration or AMD (age-related macular degeneration) is a disease that, over time, blurs the central zone of vision.  This eventually can affect ones ability to read and perform many everyday tasks.  It usually develops after age 60 and can affect one or both eyes.  There is no associated pain. In some it develops slowly and can go undetected for years whereas with others in develops quickly and results in serious vision loss.

There are two types of AMD wet and dry.  With both types the macula, which is the center of the retina at the back of the eye, is compromised leading to blurred vision and eventual loss of central vision.   The more common type (90%) is the dry macular degeneration.  In this case the critical light-sensitive cells in the macula region of the retina slowly die causing a slow loss of vision.  Dry AMD can be detected before visible symptoms with a proper eye exam that can detect drusen, small yellow deposits under the retina, that are a precursor to the disease.  Without an eye exam symptoms will begin with slightly blurred vision.

Wet AMD occurs in the same area of the retina but the deterioration is caused by blood vessels that loose fluid and lift the macula causing the vision problems.  One early tell-tale symptom is that items that are straight lines will appear wavy.  This condition is also known as advanced AMD and the fluid loss and resulting damage develops quickly.



Eye with glaucomaGlaucoma may cause damage to the optic nerve and result in loss of sight.  The main body of the eye is filled with a fluid known as aqueous humor.  This fluid is continuously being replenished near the back of the eye and drains through a channel (called the angle) near the front of the eye.  If this drainage is impeded pressure builds in the eye and may damage the optic nerve.  There are four types of blockage or glaucoma that may occur.  Open-angle glaucoma is most common, it happens slowly over time and no cause is known.  It runs in families and is more common among African-Americans. Angle-closure glaucoma is when the channel is suddenly blocked. This causes painful pressure and is an emergency situation. Congenital glaucoma occurs when the exit channel does not develop properly at birth.  It is also hereditary.  Secondary glaucoma can be caused by some pharmaceutical medications or as a result of an eye disease like uveitis.


Retinal detachment

Retinal detachment of eyeLight travels through the cornea and lens and falls on the retina at the back of the eye.  The retina is a thin membrane that converts the images falling on it to signals to the brain.  If the retina becomes separated from the underlying tissue distortion in vision may occur.  The detachment of the retina may be caused by trauma, disease such as diabetes or inflammatory disorders, or it can happen without any underlying cause.  Symptoms of retinal detachment include blurred vision, partial lack of vision, bright flashes in peripheral vision, or floating spots in vision.




eye anatomyThe middle layer of the eye the uvea is composed of the iris, ciliary body, and choroid.  From the uvea comes most of the blood supply for the retina.  Uveitis is inflammation or irritation to the uvea.  Most commonly this occurs in the iris and is known as iritis.  If it occurs near the back of the eye in choroid it is choroiditis.  This condition can stem from an infection elsewhere in the body or concurrent with some autoimmune disorders.  One or both eyes may be affected and the symptoms include redness in the eye, some pain, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and/or floating spots in vision.


[search helps: pars planitis; choroiditis; chorioretinitis; anterior uveitis; posterior uveitis, intraocular pressure (IOP), posterior vitreous detachment]

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends: CypressC, FrankincenseC, HelichrysumC, Anti-Aging BlendC, LavenderC, LemongrassC

Essential oils based products: GI Cleansing Formula, Probiotic Defense Formula, Detoxifying Blend

Also consider: RosemaryEC, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang

Note: to understand the E and C superscript go to Home and scroll to New Helps.

Suggested protocols:

A common suggestion for a number of eye problems is to use the healing and regenerating properties of oils like Helichrysum and Frankincense and the blend Anti-Aging Blend (Frankincense, Helichrysum, Lavender, Myrrh, Rose, Sandalwood).

Application suggestions are:

  One or two drops on the end of the finger and dab around the eye socket (not in the eye) 2 - 3 times a day.

  Using the Anti-Aging Blend roller bottle (or make a roller bottle with a selected oil/blend, (Dr. Hill recommended Frankincense, Cypress, Lavender before Anti-Aging Blend was available) and apply the oils around the eye socket 2 - 3 times a day.

  Additionally (or in lieu of, if someone is highly sensitive to having oils applied around the eyes) rub the oils or blend on the reflexology point for eyes (at the base of and between the 1st and 2nd toes) 2 - 3 times a day.

Some eye problems, such as uveitis (iritis) and general inflammation may stem from a systemic infection and the following are suggested:

  Use the Anti-Aging Blend or equal parts Frankincense, Cypress, and Lavender (in a roller bottle if available) and apply around the eye socket as above but increase the frequency to 3 - 4 time daily and continue for a few days after the infection appears to have cleared.

  Use a detoxifying cleanse such as the Detoxifying Blend or GI Cleansing Formula.

Experiences and Testimonials of others


Submissions directly to  EverythingEssential.me.  Our thanks to:

      Tanya Blanton

Tanya - I have been wearing uni-focal contacts for 12 years now.  This means that one eye is for reading and the other eye is for distance.  I am currently wearing the highest magnification that can be worn before going cross-eyed.  I still need "reading glasses" just to read, especially at work on night-shift.   To my total amazement, I have discovered that using Anti-Aging Blend around my eyes, twice a day, I do not need the "readers."  I only am using contacts and I can read even tiny print.  Yeah!


BK - I have worn prescription bifocals for over 10 years.  The other night I picked up some mail off the cabinet and naturally reached for my glasses.  I was almost startled to realize that at the moment I held up the letter and before I had put my glasses on, I could read the address!   I don't need them any more.  I went in to have my eyes checked this last week and my ophthalmologist said that my eyes had improved and I did not require nearly as strong a prescription.  I now only wear glasses for night driving!  She said that it is unusual but not unheard of for peoples eye site to improve, and said; "whatever you are doing... keep it up!"

What am I doing?  I use Frankincense around my eye sockets daily. Just a single drop.  Every two weeks I switch to Helichrysum for a week.  I also take my LLW pack daily.  I'm not sure where most of the help is coming from, but I'm glad to have the problem of not knowing for sure which is helping.

Brittney - Thank you for sharing this. I am excited to try this out. I have been using the LLW pack for several months but I excited to hear about your results with Frankincense. I will be trying this.


Macular degeneration

Lynda - Anyone have a protocol and testimonies?  A friend called upset, her 30 year old daughter was just diagnosed with macular degeneration.

Joyce - My mother has this and she uses Anti-Aging Blend under the eyes every morning and night. She uses Clove on her first two toes after the big toe, every morning and night. Her eyes have actually improved instead of getting worse. She uses it faithfully. Doctor told her that whatever she was doing, to keep doing because it was helping.

Pat - I apply Anti-Aging Blend around my eye bones daily and have done for over a year. I am 69 years old and do not wear glasses. I love what it is doing for me.

Biandalyn - My mum was diagnosed with macular degeneration about 18 months ago... the onset was fast and her sight was rapidly deteriorating, which was very distressing and making her feel physically ill (nauseous) as well. Soon after the diagnoses she began taking a few drops of (...) Clove oil in a capsule each day as well as applying the clove oil to the reflexology points for eyes (on her feet) twice a day. Within one week the apple size obstruction in her view had shrunk to golf ball size, another week later to just a small 'bump'. Within 3-4 weeks her vision was completely restored to normal and has had no recurrence of the symptoms since then. Mum still continues to take clove oil internally and use it on her feet each day to prevent the condition from returning. What a huge blessing to have her eyesight restored, needless to say we are forever grateful to (...)!!!

Lynda - Update!  Last month I asked for help for a young lady with macular degeneration.  She purchased Anti-Aging Blend and clove and just sent out a praise report.  Thank you! Here is her praise report:

Friends Praise Report - Went back to the eye doctor this afternoon, and my vision has improved to 20/25 in my right eye! Five weeks ago, I couldn't even read the top line on the chart! The doctors went on and on about what a remarkable improvement I've had and that most people don't get that much of their vision back. I know there is a time and place for emergency medicine and surgery. However, I didn't want to sit around for a month and do nothing else to try and help my situation while I waited for my next appointment/ surgery. So, I found one of only two acupuncturists in the country that do tiny, semi-permanent needles for macular degenerative disease and had that done, and then started using (...) essential oils (Anti-Aging Blend and Clove) for the same thing. Of course, I've had tons of friends, family, and church family who have been praying for me. Who knows which one of these things (or a combination of them) was the major factor in my improvement-- I just know that the Lord can use any and all things to help heal us, and I'll take it! My vision obviously isn't back to perfect (it used to be 20/10) and I still have a fibrous mass in the back of my eye causing the weird, squiggly, blurriness in my vision. So, the doctor did another surgery today, but said that I don't have to come in for another three months (instead of the usual every month), that I may not ever need another surgery, and that I am cleared to go ahead and get my glasses! Thank you so much to all of you for all of your thoughts and prayers! I don't want to sound greedy or anything, but please continue to pray for me and my vision. I'd love to be able to say one of these days that I am completely healed!


Nicole - My grandmother has macular degeneration to the point where she is almost blind. She lost her driver's license due to this. I have read that Clove is recommended to take internally in a capsule daily. I don't feel this is an option for her because she can't see well enough to put the drops in a capsule. What other ideas are there? Can she apply Clove to the bottom of her feet and get the same result? Does it still need to be diluted if she is using it for the bottom of her feet? Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to find the easiest way possible for her. She lives in a different state so I can't help her with applying the oils.

Pat - She could possibly get some help applying Frankincense around the eye bone twice a day and then dropping a drop or two under her tongue once a day. She can also use Clove and Protective Blend on the bottom of her feet.

Tia - Would the Frankincense be used neat or diluted?  Also, if using Frankincense and Lavender together which should go on first?

Pat - I would not use the Frankincense and Lavender together since this is an older person and their skin, especially facial, may be more sensitive. The Frankincense can be used neat but I would use a carrier with the Lavender.

Meredith - I read somewhere that Dr. Hill said that Anti-Aging Blend was great for treating macular degeneration. I don't have it but my grandmother and father both have it (both with blue eyes) and I am the only child with blue eyes thus it's likely I will follow in their not so good eye health history. Should I begin using Anti-Aging Blend? If so, how, where?

Pat – Yes, he said it was Anti-Aging Blend that helped his eye sight. If I had macular degeneration that is what I would use. You dot it gently around the eye bone every day.


Temple - I saw Dr. Hill recently speak, and he mentioned how he'd been using Anti-Aging Blend around his eyes.  I think he said he'd been using it at night for a month. His eyesight has measurably improved. My father suffers from Macular Degeneration, and we are starting him on this same protocol.  

Lia - Pat, My Dad had Macular Degeneration.  There is a dry kind and a wet kind.  A friend told me about a detoxification procedure that, among other things, helps eyesight. So I am curious if anyone used the (...) detoxing protocols for improved eyesight.  Perhaps this too would assist them, in addition to the Anti-Aging Blend?  The Anti-Aging Blend is just wonderful!  Depending on the stage and type of the M.D. it may be enough.  Detoxing can't hurt anyone.

Pat - I would use the Detoxifying Blend and the GI Cleansing Formula coupled with Probiotic Defense Formula. I would also make sure his diet is free from sugar and dairy and I would use the Anti-Aging Blend consistently. It is also important for him to start the LLV.


Carla - I've been looking up macular degeneration.  One place says to use Frankincense around the eye socket, and another says to use Clove.  If you used Clove, how would you use it?  Or would it be better to use Frankincense?  Is there a reason Clove might be better?

Pat - I think Clove would be very warm, but I know Frankincense would be amazing. Apply it around the eye bone. Aggressive and consistent.

Tamalu - Dr Hill taught me to apply Frankincense, Cypress and Lavender around the eye on the bone for many vision issues.  Done consistently, this will increase the microcirculation inside the eye and stimulate healing.  I always use Grounding Blend on the feet, as well.  I've used this combination for issues ranging from iritis to pinkeye, and eliminated those nasty little floaters, as well!

Clove is a powerful antioxidant, and would definitely improve circulation.  But, as Pat says, it would be hot and require to be either diluted or put on the bottoms of the feet.  If you're super- brave, you might add a drop of Clove to the Frankincense or Frankincense-Cypress-Lavender combination.  That would dilute it a bit, but it would probably still get warm.



Janet - I need some testimonials on which oils to use for nearsightedness, and glaucoma for eyes.  Anyone had any luck at all with those conditions?

Healing Angel - I would start with LLV and use Anti-Aging Blend around the eyes daily.  My mom has a friend who is 89 and she's got glaucoma and macular degeneration.  She went to see her doctor and he told her her eye sight has improved and the glaucoma is virtually gone.


Janyce - A friend who I'm helping with Type 1 Diabetes (she was diagnosed as an adult) is now having failing vision from Glaucoma.  Do you have any recommendations as to what oils/products she could use for this?  She has been using LLV for 1.5 years and loves it.  Her Diabetes and over all well being is being helped by the LLV.  Her doctor told her to "keep doing whatever you are doing" - so that is good.  Now, what about her eyes? 

Amelia - I would try a couple of things if it were me... 1) I would begin taking Essential Oil Cellular Complex , it's a cellular complex and helps repair damaged cells or rids the body of them if too damaged to repair. 2) I would use either Frankincense or Anti-Aging Blend around my eyes daily.


Michelle - My sister was told she has patches of vision loss according to a field vision test.  She was told to take glaucoma drops.  Her body is very sensitive to drugs etc. I am wondering what else she can do naturally and with oils to help.  Would Frankincense around the eye bone help?  any other ideas?

Pat - My suggestion would be the same as yours, Frankincense around the bone area, 3 times a day.




Vikki - I posted a couple of weeks back that I had iritis/uveitis in my right eye, and I tried a couple of different things and ended up really liking the Frankincense/Cypress/Lavender blend - it's been really good for the iritis, and my eye doctor thought it was healing faster than it "normally" would, which is great.

I was going through my routine facial stuff yesterday morning and noticed that under the right eye was less wrinkled than the left, so I decided that I needed to put it around both eyes. This is a great side effect, but there's more! This morning, after my shower, I forgot to put my glasses on before I went downstairs, and I didn't even notice it until I went to turn on my computer! I've been wearing bifocals for 5 years for presbyopia and astigmatism, so this was fairly astounding to me. And the really, really cool thing is .... I haven't put my glasses on all day!!

Doniel - this is fantastic! Did you use equal amount of each and did you add any FCO?

Vikki - I did use equal amounts of each oil, and in the beginning there was some burning sensation to I used FCO, however, since the inflammation has died down, I haven't had to use FCO at all. I keep it in a little "trial size" roller bottle and just roll it on the bone under each eye and along my eyebrow. Also, I just want to make it clear that this has not corrected my eyesight totally, it just makes it easier to see. Though, given more time, who knows!

Laura - At an event a couple weeks ago, Dr. Hill said he has been putting Anti-Aging Blend around the eye bones and no longer needs his reading glasses.  I didn't catch how long he has been doing this, but I'm trying that now.

Vikki – I'm attaching a picture. I'm not impressed with the bags under my eyes, but look at the difference in the wrinkles!!



Carla – I have two recommendations on macular degeneration.  One says to use Frankincense around the eye socket, and one says to use Clove.  If you used Clove, how would you use it?  Or would it be better to use Frankincense?  Is there a reason Clove might be better?

Pat - I think Clove would be very warm, but I know Frankincense would be amazing. Apply it around the eye bone.

Tamalu - Dr Hill taught me to apply Frankincense, Cypress and Lavender around the eye on the bone for many vision issues.  Done consistently, this will increase the microcirculation inside the eye and stimulate healing.  I always use Grounding Blend on the feet, as well.  I've used this combination for issues ranging from iritis to pinkeye, and eliminated those nasty little floaters, as well!

Clove is a powerful antioxidant, and would definitely improve circulation.  But it would be hot and require to be either diluted or put on the bottoms of the feet.  If you're super- brave, you might add a drop of Clove to the Frankincense or Frankincense-Cypress-Lavender combination.  That would dilute it a bit, but it would probably still get warm.


Carol - I have a friend who is losing her eyesight due to Uveitis (inflammation of the eye). Causes can include infection with a virus, fungus, bacteria or parasite.  Her Doctor said there was nothing else he could do to save her eyesight.  She is losing sight in both eyes. I couldn't find any protocol to try and save her vision.  Thank you for any help I can give to her.

Rob - There have been many people, including Dr. Hill himself that have actually improved their eyesight with consistent use of Anti-Aging Blend.  They apply 1-2 times daily around the bone of the eye (avoiding the eye lid or eye itself).  My mother recently had a stroke and lost all of her peripheral vision and over 50% of her vision in one eye.  I call her daily in another state to remind her to apply the Anti-Aging Blend.  For the first time, the other day, she reported seeing flashes or shadows in the peripheral areas that she had previously had nothing.  She and I are both very excited.  We will keep using it for as long as it takes!  Of course every eye issue can be unique and have very different causes.  Anti-Aging Blend is a good place to start.  There are very amazing oils in the blend. Many are very effective with virus, bacteria, restoration, fungus and parasite.

Elizabeth - Is she on the LLV? Having her rub Anti-Aging Blend directly around her eyes, that might help.  For years my dad struggled with cataracts and sometimes worried aloud about whether or not he would be able to see later in life. Last year he started rubbing Anti-Aging Blend on his eyelids and his cataracts are actually clearing up and his vision is improving! 

Detoxqueen - This is totally compatible with homeopathy by the way.  Homeopathic remedies work to neutralize the issue on an energetic level. The same two frequencies cannot exist together so one cancels the other out and if she can get the right remedy it will go away and start her healing. The oils will be excellent for support. If it weren't the eyes I would not likely be so pushy with this but I would be completely lost without my vision!  Please have her do both.

Vikki - Frankincense/Cypress/Lavender, I had Uveitis recently and this is what helped me. Mine was a first time occurrence though, so it sounds like she is experiencing something that is further advanced.  Uveitis is often a secondary sign of an immune deficiency disorder, the LLV should help. (editorial comment: this response has been combined/shortened for easier reading)




Jan - On Saturday night I started seeing flashes of light in my right eye, then Sunday morning a floater appeared out of no where. This is a rather large floater with three dots and spider like web like stuff around the dots. When it comes into my vision, it blocks it out. So I got in to the eye doctor. today. It's been 5 hours since all his tests, and I'm still hurting. The doctor was very glad I called to get in asap...they are afraid of a retina tear. I have been putting Lavender and Frankincense around the eye bone. It is good thing I can type without really seeing it...since my vision is still very very blurry. If you have any experience with this, or any suggenstion please let me know.

Some months later - I did not have a tear or detachment, but could have easily. I had to take it easy for a whole month. I take a drop of Frankincense under my tongue every morning (when I remember to) and have been putting it around the eye bone as often in the mornings as I can remember to. Also I use Melaleuca and Myrrh sometime as well. I still have the floater, but I don't see it as much. I think it has helped. My vision has improved so that's a plus and my wrinkles are not as noticeable.


Erica - I have a friend who recently lost her eyesight due to some medication problems. She is currently on dialysis because her kidneys were affected as well. She can see contrast while in the sunlight, so her eyesight isn't completely gone, but the doctors say it looks as though it will not come back. I am wondering if there is anything that can help improve her eyesight once again.

Pat - You could try Frankincense and Sandalwood dabbed on the eye bone twice a day for at least a month.

Sarah - With the use of the oils you can do EFT.  it works wonderfully, there is a free ebook on improving your eyesight with EFT.  Using the same oils, Frankincense and Sandalwood previously suggested and the EFT, I have noticed a huge improvement with my eyes. (EFT is emotional freedom technique, tapping)

Kendra - I need some help with a guy that has had to deal with a botched up RK, he has 32 cuts in each eye.  He's had a torn retina and about 1 1/2 yrs. ago he had a corneal transplant.  They thought it would take about a year for it to heal, but it has been slow going.  The doctors were planning on putting a lense in as soon as this gentleman's cornea healed.  That's where he is right now.  Does anybody know if there would be a good oil for him to use on his eyes? He did try to use oils that were not (...) oils and had a bad experience with them, he said that he just couldn't have them around his eyes, because of how bad they stung. Is there any hope for this guy?

Pat - There is always hope, but you cannot put the oils too close to the eye, but you can put it completely around the face bone surrounding the eye and use a carrier oil so the fumes do not irritate it. There is a lot of healing to be done and I am not sure what oil to use first, but I think it would be safe to apply Lavender in the beginning; it is not harsh and would start the healing process.

Rob – I saw this with friends and instantly we all thought of Frankincense and Helichrysum and the possibility of using the reflexology points, between the two biggest toes.  You might need to check a reflexology chart.

These are two relatively mild oils, I would mix them with a carrier and apply around the eyes.  Not in the eyes, but around, and using reflexology daily till you show improvement.

Gina - I would also use the oils the Frankincense and Helichrysum and massage them into the two middle "eye toes" reflexology points of the feet.  You could also be safe to use Frankincense by putting one drop on a finger and gently dab around the eye socket in a circular motion for a couple of times, then have him rest his eyes.  I don't think (...)'s Frankincense will bother him because it does not have a "sting" to it and is purely safe!

Rob - One thought, I use Frankincense and Geranium in a carrier on my face every morning for skin care as does my wife - a mixture with Frankincense and Helichrysum among other oils.  We both use the blends under the eyes and close the lids and rub in the blends over the lids and above the eyes as part of an application routine and have never had irritation to the eyes.  So I wouldn't be very worried.


Editor’s note – I was interested and wanted to use the Frankincense so I experimented by taking a drop of Frankincense on the end of my finger and rubbing it aggressively directly in the corner of my eye and on the edges of the eyelids.  I repeated the process on the other eye with three drops of carrier and one drop of Frankincense.  The first had a mild sting and watered for about two minutes and now, about 5 minutes later is normal.  The other, with dilution, was much milder but also watered but is also now back to normal.  My conclusion is that definitely using Frankincense around the eye socket is going to be no problem and even using on the eyelid will cause a small discomfort if some gets directly in the eye but it will only be for a short period of time with some watering.

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