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diaper rash

Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


see also Candida, Dermatitis, Rashes, Skin cosmetic problems

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is the common skin inflammation that occurs at some time with most babies under the age of two. There are a number causes enumerated below:

Candida. Diaper rash is most commonly caused by a candida fungal infection.  Since the Candida fungus is so common in our everyday surroundings a moist, warm environment is an ideal place for it to thrive.  Diarrhea or just stools with a low ph factor (acidic) and urine (the ammonia) also will increase the chance of the rash developing. Babies on antibiotics or that are breast feeding when the mother is on antibiotics will have an increased possibility of having a diaper rash caused by candida.

Diet. As a baby moves to solid foods, the introduction of some new types of solid foods, or a food allergy can diaper rash.

Physical factors. A different type of diaper may cause rubbing in a new area, irritation from feces or urine if the diaper is left on too long or irritation from alcohol or other ingredients in commercial wipes can all lead to a rash.

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends:  Grounding Blend, LavenderC, MelaleucaC

Essential oils based products: GI Cleansing Formula, Probiotic Defense Formula

Also consider: Digest Zen, Frankincense, Roman ChamomileC.

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Suggested protocols:

Diaper Rash

·    Make an ointment using one part Lavender or Melaleuca with a two parts of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. 

·    Clean and apply ointment with each diaper change.

·    After healing apply cornstarch with each diaper change.

·   Some suggestions possible root causes that can also be addressed:

Possible candida (see Candida)

Pre-made wipes may have alcohol and be irritating. Use water.

Diet of child or mother if breastfeeding. Consider eliminating  tomatoes, pineapple, cabbage, chocolate, soda, anything with vinegar (dressings, olives, salads, etc.), anything hot/spicy.

Some brands of diapers may rub or affect a child adversely in other ways.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

Lori - My 18 month old boy has a very very bad rash, it bleeds, his skin is sooo sensitive, when he poops, he gets a rash! I used lavender oil on him, anything else?

Maylyn - My baby had a diaper rash like that and melaleuca helped him.  I put it on him every diaper change.  

Desiree – Grounding Blend worked for me!

Stephanie - Could it be the diaper brand? When my son was younger, he never had a rash until I switched brands then he started getting rashes so I switched it back to the original diaper (Huggies). As far as the rashes goes, my niece had a bad rash last fall to the point where it was cracking and bleeding...my mom put lavender with FCO on the rash then "sealed" it with Vaseline...it worked.

Lisa - My youngest had a sensitive "diaper area" and didn't tolerate Lavender well without a ton of carrier oil.  My husband started using Frankincense (with a little carrier) and he responded very well.  But then, Frankincense is good for everything!

RBF - It could be a yeast rash too! Those are extremely painful. You could try and make a baking soda paste to put on? I am new to oils and don’t know yet.

Sherrie - You can make your own diaper "cream".  Fill a pan that can hold a Pyrex measuring cup with a small amount of water, making a double boiler.  Place the Pyrex measuring cup inside the pan on low heat. Slowly melt some organic, cold-pressed coconut oil, a small amount of beeswax (will help congeal the mixture at room temperature) and a pinch or two of zinc oxide (helps form a barrier).  Stir until smooth and remove from heat.  After the mixture cools a bit, add a few drops of melaleuca (fungal) and lavender oils to maintain their therapeutic affects.  This has worked wonders for my neighbor.

Brenda - Justin Harrison said Grounding Blend on diaper rash was to die for!  He said we could trust him with that houseful of boys, he would know!

Heather - Both Lavender and Melaleuca will take care of a yeast rash.

Alma - A few of my children had the rash issue.  We were able to eliminate it by eliminating certain foods from their diet and mine while breastfeeding. Here are some that caused issues for us: tomatoes, pineapple, cabbage, chocolate, soda, anything with vinegar (dressings, olives, salads, etc.), anything hot/spicy.  If you can pinpoint what is causing it, it makes a huge difference.

Lori - Yes we think it is fruit rolls.  Thank you all, his rash is reducing...I used lavender and Vaseline.


Ethington - My baby has a diaper rash that I’ve seen before on one of my other kids. The doctor said that it was a yeast infection.  I have tried every oil I can think of but none of them even touch it.  She has had it about 5 days and I am not sure how long it will take for something to start working.  Has anyone else had to deal with this?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Melanie - We use cloth diapers and cloth wipe our daughter. In the wipe spray I combine 2-3 drops of tea tree (Melaleuca), 2-3 drops of Lavender, and a drop of Rosemary to about 8 ounces of water. I am not sure if this will help you at this point in the rash, but we very rarely have any diaper irritation.

Brooke - Yes, yes on the Melaleuca and Lavender!  Make sure they are not on any antibiotics - because that will compound the yeast infection.  The more you can apply the oils the better.

Marc - To my surprise Grounding Blend has been effective for us, on Tamalu's suggestion. As the mother she may also benefit from you doing a GI Cleansing Formula cleanse.

Ramona - For my baby, when he had what I'm assuming was this and none of the oils helped, I gave him 2 of the probiotics (one each day) and it began clearing up within hours.  His was so bad; it would bleed when I changed him.  But literally, even by the next changing, it was way better, and that was just after the first Probiotic Defense Formula.

LaReita - Lavender is great and has done wonders for my kids.  Additionally, I thought I'd share some recent discoveries with my 5th child.

I discovered that using wetted paper towels did the "Job" (no pun intended) just as well as expensive wipes. An added bonus of using paper towels as wipes was that I wasn't constantly applying alcohol and parabens to my baby's sensitive skin and immune system.

Using non-chlorine diapers (from Seventh Generation) also helped clear up persistent rashes for my baby. After 2 months the rash cleared up and, I eventually was able to go back to the cheaper chlorine diapers.... I can't quite bring myself to cloth diapers!

Autumn - We also cloth diaper in my house. We rarely have diaper rash. Recently my little man had a gnarly ear infection and yes I did put him on "gasp" antibiotics. He had a small rash developing that according to the doctor was the beginnings of a yeast rash for which she wanted to give me a cream. Instead I just kept spraying with our normal spray and it went away quickly even on antibiotics. In our spray I combine in a small spray bottle, 1/4 coconut oil, 5 drops Melaleuca, 5 drops Lavender and just recently 5 drops German Chamomile.  I fill the rest with witch hazel (you can use water but the witch hazel can help with shelf life and I prefer it's cleaning power). It has worked wonders! With almost any diaper rash air time also works wonders, I know it's not so fun on clean up but leave them diaper-less for a little bit, it'll help a lot. I would also agree with the probiotics that a previous person suggested to help get your little babies system back on track.


cortdraw - O.K. I have been trying to help my sister with her babies diaper rash.  It is more like open sores.  I have been having her use Lavender and I bought a (no name) Roman Chamomile (before (...) Roman Chamomile was available) because I had read that you had to be more careful using essential oils on newborns.  I am not getting a ton of improvement with this treatment, but it isn't getting worse.  Anyone have advise?

Rob - I would use organic virgin coconut oil with Melaleuca or Lavender.  Keep him clean.   Apply often and use cornstarch once the sores are gone.  We have had success with this protocol.

Janinfl - I use one drop Lavender to two drops fractionated coconut oil. Put in a roll on bottle or pat on, and apply 2 times a day, once after baby's bath.  Keep area dry after every diaper change. Don't use any commercial diaper wipes. (Unbleached paper towel just wet with filtered water).  (...) oils are the safest oils you can use on infants. I have an 8 month old grandson who has used the oils since the day he was born. Our diaper rash was as bad as you are describing. It cleared up in two days. Even the doctor’s prescription did not help. However, every person is different. Hope this helps


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