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Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


see also Open Sores, Neuropathy, Pancreatitis

Blood Glucose MeterDiabetes is a disorder wherein the body is not able to deliver the glucose in the blood stream to cells throughout the body.  When we eat food it is broken down into a form of sugar called glucose.  Glucose then is delivered by the bloodstream to muscle, fat, and liver cells where it is the fuel for our bodies.  In order for our cells to assimilate the glucose it must be accompanied by an enabler called insulin.  Insulin is produced by our pancreas.  If our pancreas does not produce proper amounts of insulin or if our cells cannot properly process insulin it results in diabetes.  Since the glucose is not properly utilized it accumulates in the bloodstream resulting in the common indicator of diabetes, high blood glucose or sugar.

Symptoms of diabetes include:

·   Fatigue

·   Increased thirst

·   Increased urination

·   Feeling hungry

·   Weight loss

·   Blurred eyesight

·   Numbness or tingling in the feet

There are three major types of diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes; Type 2 Diabetes, the most common form affecting 90 – 95% of those with diabetes; and Gestational Diabetes that occurs during pregnancy in about 4% of all pregnancies.  Also the conditions of pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome are related.

Type 1 Diabetes

This is an autoimmune disease.  The body’s own immune system attacks and destroys the cells in the pancreas (beta cells) that produce insulin.  Presently it is not known what triggers this but genetics, environment, and viral infection are all suggested.  Once this process is triggered within 5 to 10 years all of the beta cells in the pancreas are destroyed.  Without insulin the body does not receive the necessary fuel to the cells hence it must be supplied artificially.  Those with Type 1 diabetes monitor their glucose levels and take shots or use an insulin pump to supplement or provide the necessary insulin.  Those with this condition can improve their quality of life by making wise food choices with proper nutrition, keeping their body systems strong, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Type 2 Diabetes

About 90 to 95% of those with diabetes have type 2.  Of those that have type 2 about 80% of them are overweight but type 2 might also be associated with a family history of diabetes, older age, physical inactivity, and a history of gestational diabetes. Some ethnicities are predisposed as well, including African American, Mexican American, and those from the Pacific Islands.

In this condition the pancreas functions properly and produces insulin but the body does not utilize it properly.  This is labeled insulin resistant.  Type 2 symptoms usually develop slowly as the body cannot use the insulin supplied by the pancreas.  Eventually insulin production decreases.  Help for this condition comes from proper diet, nutrition, and physical exercise. Some essential oils are recommended for assisting the body in utilizing the glucose available in the bloodstream.

Gestational Diabetes

This type of diabetes affects a small number of women in pregnancy.  It typically develops in the later part of a pregnancy and may even go undetected.  It does increase the risk of other complications to mother and baby.  After pregnancy the diabetes disappears but in 40 –60% of the cases there is a likelihood that the mother will develop type 2 diabetes in later life.

Closely associated with diabetes are:


This is the when blood glucose levels are measured to be higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.  It is estimated that 1 in 4 of adults in the U.S. fall in this category.  Those with pre-diabetes not only have a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes within 10 years but they are also at risk to have cardiovascular problems.  These risks are reduced significantly with a 5 – 7% reduction in body weight and with improved diet, nutrition, and exercise.

Metabolic syndrome

This is the term used to describe someone with a group of risk factors for type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, and stroke.  The two most important of these risk factors are 1) obesity, particularly central obesity or extra weight around the middle of the body and 2) insulin resistance, or having the condition that the body is not able to use insulin in the proper way.

The A1C Test

For those not familiar the A1C is the scale used to measure blood glucose and how it relates to diabetic conditions.  This is the common blood glucose test used to diagnose diabetes and help those with diabetes manage the condition.  It is also know by the names glycated hemoglobin, glycosylated hemoglobin, hemoglobin A1C, and HbA1c.  This test show the average blood glucose level over the last 2 or 3 months where normal home monitoring tests gives the blood sugar level at the time of the test.

Those without diabetes will be below 5% and those with type 1 or type 2 diabetes will be above 6.5 – 7% on the scale below.

 A1C                Average Blood Glucose

  5 %                              95.5

  6 %                            125

  6.5 %                         139.75

  7 %                            154.5

  8 %                            184

  9 %                            213.5


[search helps: Insulin dependent, insulin resistant, juvenile onset, pancreatic islets, Isles of Langerhans]

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Please note: The information provided below is a compilation of suggestions made by those that have used essential oils and has NOT been scientifically verified with clinical tests nor reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious medical concerns please seek professional medical attention.

Oils & Blends:  Grounding BlendC, BasilC, CorianderC,  LavenderC, Protective BlendC

Essential oils based products: Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV), TerraZyme

Also consider: CassiaC, CinnamonC, Clove, CypressC, EucalyptusEC, Frankincense, GeraniumEC, Helichrysum, Marjoram, Peppermint

Note: to understand the E and C superscript go to Home and scroll to New Helps.

Suggested protocols:

Most often suggested for all types of diabetes is good eating habits with proper nutrition and the Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV) are a must.  This should be coupled with physical activity and weight loss if you are overweight.

Type 2

Essential oils protocol most often suggested is:

·    rub Grounding Blend on the feet in the morning    

·    take 8-10 drops of Coriander and/or Basil in a capsule during the day

·    consider 2 drops of Protective Blend in the above capsule as well    

·    rub Lavender on the feet at night

Other oils should be considered. One person reported success using TerraZyme to regulate her levels. Learn to read your body and sense what you need.  Sometimes in chronic conditions like diabetes the body seems to "tire" of one particular essential oil.  That is, it losses its effectiveness over time, and you need to switch temporarily to another.

Type 1

Some indications are that Type 1 Diabetes, at the onset, may be triggered by a viral infection and then develops into an autoimmune disease wherein beta cells in the pancreas are destroyed over an extended period of time. Therefore, if someone is at the onset also see Autoimmune Diseases.

Some report good success stabilizing and reducing insulin needs with the LLV supplements. Beyond this cleansing or detoxifying the body using essential oils (see Detoxification) helps the pancreas and the digestive process.

There are a number of reports and articles of those that have made significant reduction in insulin needs with very strict diets including vegan diets. Please see personal experiences under the Experiences and Testimonial tab above and in a number of articles that can be found elsewhere on the internet.

Diabetic Ulcers

Lavender applied topically works well for simple ulcerations but if they are more serious add to this:

·    Helichrysum

·    Frankincense

     Apply at least 2 times daily, topically to the affected area.  Consistency of application is important. 

     Note: Serious diabetic ulcers can be very dangerous and professional medical help should be involved.


LLV supplements, GI Cleansing Formula/Probiotic Defense Formula cleanse and ongoing Detoxifying Blend cleanse  (see Detoxification), weight management, exercise and consider essential oils suggested for Type 2 if necessary.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

Please note: The information provided below is a compilation of the experiences of others who have used essential oils and has NOT been scientifically verified with clinical tests nor reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious medical concerns please seek professional medical attention.

Type 2

Julie – My friend has type 2 diabetes and refuses to make changes in her awful diet and pretty much ignoring the diagnosis she got a few years ago so she is heading down a bad road. What is appropriate to suggest to her?

Karen - My mom has had type 2 diabetes for 30 years. She has been using Dr. Hill's protocol for about 6 weeks now with amazing results. She has cut out one of her two insulins and cut back on the other. Dr. Hill recommends Grounding Blend on the feet in the morning and Lavender at night. A capsule every morning with 8 drops Coriander and 8 drops Basil. She started out with 4 drops each in the capsule and is now at 5 drops each. She saw results from the very first day using the oils. I recently started adding 2 drops of Protective Blend and the results were even better. The oils are amazing! 

Pat - I would suggest a capsule with 5 drops of Coriander daily, and getting her on the LLV.  This is what I would do if I were diagnosed with diabetes.

Julie Ann - I would add some Grounding Blend to the above recommendations. It works wonders for my son!


Carla - Can Coriander be used for all diabetes types?  My mom is trying to get off her diabetes medicine as it makes her sick and is looking for other ways to control it.  She is not on insulin.  Would Coriander also help her and how would she use it, internally or externally?

Julie Ann - On the toes, bottom of foot and over the pancreas area.

Chris - When I started using essential oils in August, I began using the Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV) supplements and  5 drops of Basil in a capsule everyday.  In the first 3 months, my A1C went from 6.1 down to 5.8.  That doesn't sound like a lot, but it is!  And that was before I had access to Coriander.  I am now using 2 drops of Coriander with the Basil everyday.  I am excited to see my next blood test.   So...YES....These oils work!!

Chris, Dec 2010 a follow-up - My A1c test result in Aug 2009 was 6.1.  I was taking medication for diabetes.  I started using (...) products that same month and started on the LLW right away.  I also learned from Dr. Hill that 5 drops of Basil in a capsule each day would help .  In November 2009, my A1c was down to 5.8.  I asked my Primary Care Physician if I could go off of my medication and she agreed. My next test results were 3 months later and I was down to 5.7 and the last one in August of 2010 was 5.5!!  Hooray!


Elaine - I also have PCOS and Insulin Resistance.  I started the LLV a few weeks ago, but haven't felt much different yet hormonally or energy-wise.  It has helped with digestion, though.  Any suggestions for Insulin Resistance?

Pat - Try Terrazyme for your Insulin problem, it's amazing. And don't forget to drink lots of water with lemon in it.

Sherrie - This is the first I've heard of Terrazyme used for insulin problems. Can you explain further please?

Pat - I was not aware of this myself until this weekend. A young woman with diabetes came up to me at our West Coast Convention and asked where the products were going to be. I told her there were not products available at this show. She was very upset. She told me that Terrazyme is what she is using to keep her insulin regulated and nothing else. She didn't have any left for her trip to convention and just thought she would buy some here.  I happened to ask my friend Lynda if she brought her Terrazyme and she did, so she gave the girl enough to get her through the weekend. She came up to me Saturday morning and said when she drew blood her count was over 400 (Yikes), she took two Terrazymes and took her blood one hour later (I would have been on my way to the hospital) and her blood sugars were down 200 points. I can't tell you anything about stability or why these work but this sweet young lady swears by Terrazyme.



Jon - Our neighbor and good friend was just diagnosed with diabetes (not sure what type).  We'd like to help out and are wondering if anyone knows what oils are good for diabetes and how to use them. We've done some research and Cinnamon/Cassia, Wild Orange, Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, etc. are recommended in various sources.  Any idea which ones have actually worked for people with diabetes?

Pat - One of the best things for diabetes (along with oils) is good nutrition. Whatever you recommend include balance supplements like the LLW pack.

Tamalu - I agree that nutrition is crucial to supporting and rebuilding the body.  I have seen blood sugar issues respond within 18-24 hours to the LLW pack.  I would add Protective Blend to their arsenal as well, starting out in very small amounts and letting them decide what dosages work best for them (remember, the best help you can provide is empowering self-care!).  Topically works or ingesting works well.  I suggest starting with a drop or two at a time.  The Cinnamon and Wild Orange can be so helpful in managing blood sugar levels, while the blend works to combat the cause of the problem and assist the pancreas in rebuilding.  I am finding that even in people where the root cause of their health issue is emotional, Protective Blend is equipped to isolate that and assist the person in overcoming.  I would also add Grounding Blend to the bottoms of the feet.

Samara - My dad is using oils for the first time in his life.  He is using Lavender on the sores he has on his legs and after just a few days, they are healed!  His legs haven't looked this good in years!  


Kendra - I would like more information on helping diabetes with Cassia and Wild Orange.  I read someone say that these 2 oils help to rebuild the pancreas. Help me with this, as I know an older gentleman who is diabetic and suffers from neuropathy.  He is very concerned about his feet but their finances are very limited.  (Neuropathy is diabetic nerve pain)

April - I am trying to help a  65 year old man with diabetes and neuropathy. He has started taking the LLW supplements and I have given him several oils for the neuropathy.  I made him 2 different blends in glass bottles with droppers and he rubs them on his feet in the morning and at night. He uses each blend for one week at a time, alternating them. I suggested he use a warm compress at least one of the times. He also rubs Lavender on his feet at night after he uses the blend, and that seems to calm the nerves in his feet so he can sleep better. He takes a capsule of Basil everyday as well. He has been doing this regiment for about 2 weeks and is seeing great results! We don't know about the diabetes quite yet, but his feet are feeling 100% better than before the oils, and he tried several different things to help them, for several years.

Here are the blends we are using:

Diabetes, Type 2

·    Rub Grounding Blend on feet in the morning

·    Take 8-10 drops of Basil in a capsule during the day

·    Rub Lavender on the feet at night

(since Grounding Blend is included in the neuropathy blend below, he doesn't rub it on his feet. He just uses it in the blend instead. However, he does rub the Lavender on his feet at night after rubbing in the blend.)

Neuropathy Blend 1:
Apply to feet and cover with a hot, moist towel. Cover that with a dry towel to keep in the heat longer. Be consistent in application, at least once or twice per day. Use 2-4 drops each of the following oils:

·    Grounding Blend

·    Cypress

·    Basil

·    Marjoram

·    Peppermint

Neuropathy Blend 2:
Use oils that would benefit a stressed nervous system.  Eat healthy, whole and raw foods... it is a change that must be made now. Daily massage to the feet and lower legs using:

·    Geranium

·    Peppermint

·    Lavender

·    Grounding Blend with Helichrysum or Clove.

Be consistent morning and night or more. Change up oils or blends every so often.

Rob - I know there are some other protocols that people have attested to, however, lately, I've used the Massage Blend successfully for relieving neuropathy. Remember the importance of good diet, it doesn't help to use oils if your diet is poor.


Hannah - At a recent meeting there was made mention of a Basil oil and the diabetes protocol. Does anyone have details on this?

Pat - Dr. Hill reported the chemical compound linalool is the subject of a pharmaceutical patent that makes the claim it can treat, control, and prevent diabetes mellitus (diabetes). Common essential oils which have the highest linalool content are Rosewood, at over 90% (in the (...) blend, Grounding Blend) and Basil at 40-50%. I would not hesitate to put this on the feet of a regular basis. Also use Protective Blend. It is awesome for balancing blood sugar and will boost the immune system allowing the body to build more effectively. And the supplements (LLW) are a must for diabetics. Here is a protocol that might help:

·    rub Grounding Blend on the feet in the morning    

·    take 8-10 drops of Basil in a  capsule during the day    

·    rub Lavender on the feet at night


Type 1

Pauline - I have a friend interested in the LLV but she has type 1 diabetes and is also nursing. She is unable to consume too much carbohydrates. Will the LLV interfere with her maintenance meds? She is interested in increasing her energy level to keep up with her 3 year old. Any suggestions/ ideas?

Becky - I have Type I diabetes and take the LLV faithfully. My blood sugars have stabilized and my insulin needs have decreased since I started taking it.

Kristy - Becky, what all do you use for your type 1? I have a friend with two teenagers just diagnosed. I would love to give her information on Type 1.

Becky - First the root cause has to be addressed. There are 2 common  theories according to western medicine that could be the cause of Type I.

First, some people get flu like symptoms and then following a short time later start having symptoms of diabetes, so that thought is that a pathogen likely caused a problem. In that case, the pathogen may still be in the body and so I suggest to use the antibacterial/antiviral oils. Use it daily or 2 - 3 times a day.

The other thought is a food allergy that has subtle symptoms but not rashes or respiratory issues etc. but the allergy reaction causes an autoimmune response and the body destroys good cells. Find the most common food allergies and see if it is foods the person eats regularly and eliminate them for at least 2 weeks completely and see if they are better in any way. It took me about 4 weeks with gluten which caused pain in my muscles and joints. Watch for sleep better, less tired, less stiff, less congestion, anything, we all respond differently. They can also have allergy testing done, but the skin testing is not reliable enough. There are blood tests that show the allergens more accurately.

Thirdly, one thing American doctors don't ever hardly look at is parasites. Doctors may not know how to treat them or even test for them? . Oils can also treat these. The cause of my diabetes likely was a parasite called a pancreatic fluke..

Adding in the supplements is a must if there are the symptoms of diabetes. This addresses the need for nutrition that has been lacking either in the diet or the persons inability to absorb.

Also detoxify in any way possible. Do ionized foot baths if possible. It helps to eliminate toxins, heavy metals, which are very harsh on the endocrine system. Or soak feet in a tub of water with coriander or cilantro in it with some sea or Epsom salts. Use purified water not only to drink but also to bathe in. Chlorine is a horrible toxin. Eliminate all personal care items, cleaning products, and foods that contain toxins. Make use of an infrared sauna. Work out and sweat! Sweating is a great way to detoxify.

Add enzymes into the diet either with supplements (lipase for fats, protease for proteins and amylase for carbohydrates) Eat raw nuts, fruits, veggies as they contain enzymes and chew all food well. This helps the enzymes in our bodies to start the digestive process. I use an auricular probe on my feet, hands and ears on the reflexology points for the pancreas. Have a positive attitude.

Recently I started on Dr Hill’s suggested DNA repair oil blend DDR. I was trying 5 days on and 2 days off. That is a bit much for me and I kept breaking out in rashes that itched terribly so I dropped back to every other day and I am doing better. (Yes, I know the toxins needs to come out, but I also need to function as my health improves.) I am also very sensitive to most everything (partially heredity and partially because I was overdosed and toxified with too many prescription drugs which made it worse!) and can't go with as much as most people.

I also use Detoxifying Blend oil and capsules rotating between them. Do cleanses of other sorts. Symptoms of any disease means there are blockages or imbalances that need addressed. What I have done doesn't necessarily mean it is the right thing for anyone else. There is no magic bullet, these are some of the things I have done and can say that I have decreased my insulin requirements from 40 - 45 units/day to my current levels of 20 - 24 units a day. This has been a process over the past 4 years. This is not to indicate that anyone else will have the same results.

I also take the bone supplement, partially because of age and being small boned. But the thing that excited me about it also was that it contains 400mg of magnesium. Diabetes is one thing listed that magnesium helps with.

Sharon – You might also want to consider a raw vegan diet. Many have written books about it and there is a documentary by Dr. Cousens with 6 diabetics, 2 of whom are Type one.  One got off insulin completely and the other went from 30 units to 1 or 2 daily. Raw for Thirty Days I think it's called.  While I'm not a big fan of a raw vegan diet done long term done properly it is possible.  You just have to be really careful to supplement with thyroid boosting foods (or perhaps oils). The endocrine system can become weak in some people on raw vegan but it's definitely worth taking a look at the option and trying it out.


Editorial comment – The following are shortened version of quite long exchanges on Type 1 Diabetes. Please go to the Everything(...) Google Group for the complete exchanges.

Kathy – I would like to see someone with a protocol for type 1 - I know several people with type 1 and don't know if a protocol will help - I would love to find out!

Sharon - Anyone with diabetes, Type one or two should really check out the documentary Simply Raw, Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days. It documents how 6 diabetes, 2 Type 1's and 4 Type 2's get off their meds quickly. One only Type one didn't. He lowered his from 30 to 1 unit though when he stuck to the diet.  The diet is not appealing to everyone, especially not those who like junk food, but for anyone serious about their health it would be worth looking into. There's a book as well that outlines the details but the documentary is amazing to see. 

Kent - I was really hoping that there was some oil, or a combination of oils that would help bring the pancreas back to life and start producing insulin again.  In the early stages of the honeymoon phase of a type 1 diabetic, maybe that could be possible.  At this point, both of my daughters who are type 1 diabetics, would much rather give themselves shots 2-3 times a day, than go on a strict diet and do other things to manage their blood sugars.  I have one daughter that is on an electronic pump, and it is very little effort to control her blood sugars, and she has very few limits on what she can eat.  Her A1C is practically at the level of someone who has a healthy pancreas.   For type 1 diabetics, it has become very easy for them to manage their blood sugars. In this new diabetic protocol, if people have to adhere to a certain diet to make it work, I just don't see this protocol being very popular.  I applaud those people that have tried to control their blood sugars by what they eat (where they have practically reduced or eliminated medication), because that is very difficult to do.  I truly believe blood sugars can be controlled by what you eat, but who in their right mind is going to live only on raw vegetables (that can never be cooked) for the rest of their life.  In both of my daughters’ cases, who are both type 1 diabetics, there is nothing they want more than to eat normal balanced meals like most everyone else.


HM - I know two young people -- one 9 years of age, and the other 15 -- who have just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Is this disease reversible at all? If anyone has any suggestions that would help a person dealing with this disease, please let me know.  Thank you.

Nannette - I had someone ask me to give suggestions to a girl, age 14  diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Here are my thoughts that I shared:

I would start very slowly and be careful not to add too much responsibility on her at this point.  I’m hopeful because she is still on the honeymoon phase and family and friends are very supportive.

Since her pancreas is still making a tiny bit of insulin she will benefit from a regular exercise program like walking. Exercise enhances the ability of the body to use what little insulin is secreted.

Our pancreas has a key role in digestion. It makes alkaline juice to neutralize the acid in the stomach. A sick pancreas may not able to do this properly anymore. (...) Lemon essential oil has alkalizing benefits. A drop in the drinking water gives energy and lifts mood.  Drinking alkaline water already is a good idea. Invest in a good alkalizing machine for the entire family. Use whole unprocessed foods like nuts, fruits, vegetables because they are the most alkaline and they place the least amount of strain on the digestive organs, and they contain the most minerals and vitamins.

The pancreas also makes enzymes to breakdown protein into amino acid; starch into sugar and fats into fatty acids and glycerin. To make up for what is missing, raw foods (enzymes are lost from cooking) would be great in her diet, along with supplementation. (...) has an enzyme product called Terrazyme that should be taken 30 minutes before meals.

Also chew food thoroughly to activate saliva secretion for digestion.

There will also be benefit from a pro-biotic supplement in order to balance the intestinal tract with beneficial microflora.  When friendly bacteria are present in the intestines they prevent the colonization of pathogenic microorganisms.  Probiotic Defense Formula+ is highly recommended.  

There are essential oils that support pancreas healing (fennel, cypress), oils that support the functions of the thyroid (myrrh, lemongrass, geranium) and adrenals( basil, rosemary, clove). I would use these oils for two months or so  before proceeding with the Detoxifying Blend complex for cleansing and filtering organs like the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and colon. 

 I encourage folks to stay on their medications, regularly monitor their sugar and stay active.


Diabetic Ulcers

Valerie - Diabetes is particularly of interest because my mom has type II diabetes and she is currently using some essential oils. Someone stated to me today that you should not use Lavender on anyone with diabetes as it can harm him or her.  Is this true?

Pat – Whoever experienced negative results using Lavender were using one that was not pure (there are many out there). (...) (xxx) Lavender is highly tested for impurities and assured to be pure and should not have negative results.

Samara - Just to ease your mind my dad uses (...) Lavender for his diabetic sores on his legs and to help him sleep.  He has only had wonderful results.  I just found out tonight that my mom started putting Lavender and Frankincense on some cancer type spots on his ears and they have been going away and/or falling off.  He had a large spot melanoma on his face last year and had to have it surgically removed, so to be able to treat these spots without them getting out of hand is so exciting and comforting for his family.

I have both of my parents using Lavender and both of them have type II diabetes.  Each of them take a different medication for their diabetes, (I can call them to find out what they are on if you'd like) and Lavender doesn't interfere with either medication.  Pat is right, the doctor probably wasn't educated about pure oils.  I don't know about any body else, but the purity of the oils takes some getting used to, in a good way.  You know, no warning labels, no horrible side effects to expect.

Penne - I am type II diabetic and have used Lavender for burns and healing with great results. In fact I had surgery a few months ago and (...) oils, including Lavender, were instrumental in one of my incisions healing with minimal scaring. Here is a test I did so I could tell if the oils were doing what I thought they should, I used the oils on only one incision.  The incision I used the oils on is dramatically different (in a great way) than the one I didn't.  Now I am in the process of oiling the second site to get it as healed as the first one. Use the Lavender!

Pat - I have a neuropathy blend that may be a less expensive way to begin help.  We have used Cassia and Wild Orange in a capsule and also massaged it on the bottom of the feet.  


Jenyce - I have a friend that has a diabetic ulcer on the pad and crease of her baby toe. It is about 3 centimeters in diameter. She is not taking care of herself or her diabetes and I'm afraid she is going to lose her foot.  I recommended and she just started taking the (...) wellness supplements (LLW).  She is already feeling amazing.  But, what oils would help with the ulcer and her diabetes?

Pat - Helichrysum regenerates tissue and could be considered for the wound.  Also the idea of increasing circulation with Cypress oils and/or the Massage Blend is very good.

For diabetes some have used Cassia or Lemongrass in a capsule.  5 drops of the essential oil with 2-3 drops of EVCO.  Take the capsule with food daily.  Be consistent and allow at least 30 days to see changes.  Cinnamon can be used instead of Cassia, but with the Lemongrass use one or the other.



Muffy - I have been told I might be pre-diabetic.  Is there any oils that I can use to control my sugar levels?

Jessica – Dill Oil!  When I was pregnant with my last baby, I had borderline Gestational Diabetes.  One morning I decided that it had been years since I ate a bowl of cold cereal,so I joined my kids for breakfast.  Word of warning never eat Coco Puffs when you have diabetes! An hour later I felt lousy.  I called my best friend (who is an OB/GYN) and told her, she asked what I ate, I sheepishly admitted to the "chocolate frosted sugar bombs!"  She had me test my sugar and it was almost 300!

I immediately applied dill oil.  I put five drops in my mouth and then drank water fast.  I retested in 40 minutes and my blood sugar was down to 95!  For this reason I always have dill oil on hand.

Rob - I have heard dill oil is effective, unfortunately, (...) does not source dill oil presently.

With respect to pre-diabetic help right off the bat, I would remind you of the importance of proper nutrition and the benefits of using the LLW pack. Beyond this exercise and diet are most important.  You must exercise at least 1/2 hour each day, if possible work up to twice daily.  There are many sources for pre-diabetic diets, they will be mostly what you expect... smaller, more meals, low fat, no fried, minimal dairy, more whole grain, raw foods, lean meats.

It will also help to use the essential oils.  Do a twice daily routine of oil pulling, preferably with VCO and I would use Lemongrass and/or Protective Blend.  Also rub oils on your feet and vita flex points every night.  For this use Cassia, Cinnamon and Wild Orange.  Then remember to drink Lemon every day by adding a drop to each glass of water!


Protocols folks recommend for children



Diet and Nutritional complements to essential oils


What Science & Research are saying

From Tamalu, 4 Feb 2009

The chemical compound Linalool is the subject of a pharmaceutical patent because of its ability to "reverse, prevent and manage" diabetes.  It in its natural form in (...)'s Grounding Blend or Basil.



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