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AutoImmune Diseases

Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


An autoimmune disorder occurs when the body mistakenly attacks itself.  The immune system normally produces white blood cells to protect the body from antigens such as bacteria, virus, and a variety of toxins that may harm the body.  When the immune system cannot distinguish between healthy body tissue and antigens it can produce an unwanted response and attack itself.  There are over 70 diseases that are known or suspected to be autoimmune disorders.  Commonly know diseases include:

•  Addison's disease

•  Celiac disease - sprue (gluten sensitive enteropathy)

•  Crohn's disease (generally believed)

•  Dermatomyositis

•  Fibromyalgia (probably not an autoimmune disease)

•  Grave's disease

•  Hashimoto's thyroiditis

•  Lupus erythematosus

•  Multiple sclerosis

•  Narcolepsy

•  Pernicious anemia

•  Rheumatoid arthritis

•  Schmidt's syndrome (combination of Addison's and hypothyroidism or type 1 diabetes mellitus)

•  Systemic lupus erythematosus

•  Sjogren syndrome

•  Type I diabetes

•  Myasthenia gravis

•  Reactive arthritis

•  Ulcerative colitis (not conclusive)


The following comprehensive list is taken from Wikipedia:

Achlorhydra Autoimmune Active Chronic Hepatitis   

Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis   

Acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis   

Addison’s Disease   


Alopecia areata (Accepted)   T-cells

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis   

Ankylosing Spondylitis (Accepted)  

Anti-GBM/TBM Nephritis   

Antiphospholipid syndrome   

Antisynthetase syndrome   

Aplastic Anemia   

Arthritis Sometimes  

Atopic allergy   

Atopic Dermatitis   

Autoimmune cardiomyopathy   

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (Accepted) II 

Autoimmune hepatitis   

Autoimmune inner ear disease (Accepted)  

Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (Accepted)  

Autoimmune peripheral neuropathy   

Autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome (Accepted) Unknown or Multiple 

Autoimmune progesterone dermatitis   

Autoimmune thrombocytopenia purpura (See Idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura)   

Autoimmune uveitis   

Balo disease/Balo concentric sclerosis   

Bechets Syndrome   

Berger's disease   

Bickerstaff's encephalitis   

Blau syndrome   

Bullous Pemphigoid   

Castleman's disease   

Chagas disease (Suspected)6  

Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome   

Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy   

Chronic lyme disease Suspected  

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (Suspected)  anti-elastin, Abys against epithelial cells

Churg-Strauss syndrome   

Cicatricial Pemphigoid   

Coeliac Disease (Accepted)  

Cogan syndrome   

Cold agglutinin disease (Accepted)

Cranial arteritis   

CREST syndrome   

Crohns Disease (one of two types of idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease "IBD") (Accepted)

Cushing's Syndrome   

Dego's disease   

Dercum's disease (Suspected)  

Dermatitis herpetiformis   

Dermatomyositis (Accepted) 

Diabetes mellitus type 1 (Accepted)

Dressler's syndrome   

Discoid lupus erythematosus   


Endometriosis (Suspected)  

Enthesitis-related arthritis   

Eosinophilic fasciitis (Accepted)  

Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita   

Essential mixed cryoglobulinemia   

Evan's syndrome   

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva   

Fibromyalgia (Suspected)  


Fibrosing aveolitis   


Gastrointestinal pemphigoid (Accepted)  

Giant cell arteritis   

Glomerulonephritis Sometimes  

Goodpasture's syndrome (Accepted)  Anti-Basement Membrane Collagen Type IV Protein

Graves' disease (Accepted) 

Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) (Accepted) Anti-ganglioside

Hashimoto’s encephalitis (Accepted)

Hashimoto's thyroiditis (Accepted)

Henoch-Schonlein purpura   

Hidradenitis suppurativa (Suspected)

Hughes syndrome (See Antiphospholipid syndrome)   

Idiopathic Inflammatory Demyelinating Diseases   

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis   

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (Accepted)

IgA nephropathy (Also Berger's disease)   

Inflammatory demyelinating polyneuopathy   

Interstitial cystitis (Suspected)  

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) (Suspected)  

Kawasaki's Disease (Suspected)  

Lichen planus   

Lou Gehrig’s Disease (Also Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis   

Lupoid hepatitis   

Lupus erythematosus (Accepted) 

Ménière's disease   

Microscopic polyangiitis   

Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (Accepted)  

Morphea (Suspected)  

Multiple Myeloma   

Multiple Sclerosis (Suspected)  

Myasthenia gravis (Accepted) 


Narcolepsy (Accepted)  

Neuromyelitis optica (Also Devic's Disease)   

Neuromyotonia (Suspected)  

Occular cicatricial pemphigoid   

Opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome (Suspected)  

Ord thyroiditis   

Pars planitis   


Pemphigus vulgaris (Accepted) II Anti-Desmogein 3

Pernicious anaemia (Accepted) 

Polymyalgia rheumatica   

Polymyositis (Accepted)  

Primary biliary cirrhosis (Accepted)  Anti-p62, Anti-sp100, Anti-Mitochondrial(M2)

Primary sclerosing cholangitis   

Progressive inflammatory neuropathy (Suspected)  

Psoriasis (Accepted)  T-cells

Psoriatic Arthritis (Accepted)  

Raynaud phenomenon   

Relapsing polychondritis (Accepted)  

Reiter’s syndrome   

Rheumatoid arthritis (Accepted) III Rheumatoid factor, Anti-MCV

Rheumatoid fever   

Sarcoidosis (Suspected)  

Schizophrenia (Suspected)  

Schmidt syndrome   

Schnitzler syndrome   


Scleroderma (Suspected)  Anti-topoisomerase

Sjögren's syndrome (Accepted)  


Sticky blood syndrome   

Still's Disease   

Stiff person syndrome (Suspected)  

Sydenham Chorea   

Sweet syndrome   

Takayasu’s arteritis   

Temporal arteritis (also known as "giant cell arteritis") (Accepted)9 IV 

Transverse Myelitis   

Ulcerative Colitis (one of two types of idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease "IBD") (Accepted)

Undifferentiated connective tissue disease   

Undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy   

Vasculitis (Accepted)

Vitiligo (Suspected)  

Wegener's granulomatosis (Accepted)  Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic(cANCA)

Wilson’s syndrome   

Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome 


Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends: Essential Oil Cellular Complex , GI Cleansing Formula, Probiotic Defense Formula, Detoxifying Blend

Essential oils based products: Massage Blend Technique, Detoxifying Blend Detoxification Complex

Also consider: Grounding Blend, CloveC, FrankincenseC, HelichrysumC, LemonC, MelaleucaC, Melissa, Protective BlendC, OreganoC

Suggested protocols:

Here are general comments about autoimmune concerns (for some specific conditions you will find protocols and experiences under their specific names, see list below). Most comments note that although there may not be complete restoration that following the essential oils protocols did improve and extended the quality of life significantly.

  Consistently using the LLV supplements and 8 drops or 1 capsule of Essential Oil Cellular Complex 2 times per day will definitely be beneficial.

  2 -3 drops of Frankincense 2 - 4 times daily under the tongue, internally with a spoonful of honey or in a capsule.

  Consider oils or products for the discomforts of specific symptoms and to protect from the concerns of a cold or the flu and other contagious diseases that can prove so harmful when you are already battling an autoimmune disorder.

  Also note that autoimmune disorders can take a toll on the emotional energy of an individual and the lift and support essential oils or blends like Grounding Blend, Invigorating Blend, Joyful Blend (Elevating Blend), Lavender, etc. can be very beneficial.

  Some speak of the benefit of the Detoxifying Blend cleanse that addresses the liver, kidneys, bowels and skin. see Detoxification.

  The theory that a root cause of autoimmune disorders is Candida is detailed under the Science & Research tab above. To address Candida use the GI Cleansing Formula cleanse detailed under  Detoxification. Note that some with autoimmune disorders are particularly sensitive and should start this cleanse with 1 GX capsule daily for 2 days, if no skin or digestive reactions increase to 2 capsules for 2 days and then if no reactions to the prescribed 3 per day.

Individual experiences:

  One with autoimmune hepatitis comments that without a specific protocol she just used essential oils products for her nutritional supplements, skin care, hair care, toothpaste, home cleaning products, etc and found that this reduced the toxic load on her liver and her liver enzymes are now normal.

  One with MS and a family member with Lupus states strongly that their problems are not Candida related and hence the GX Cleanse would not apply. On the other hand using oils for symptom relief and other needs has significantly improved their quality of life.

  One with fibromyalgia was advised by her doctor to use probiotics and hence the Probiotic Defense Formula has been of benefit.

Also see these specific conditions:

  Arthritic conditions



  Diabetes, Type 1



  Multiple sclerosis




Experiences and Testimonials of others

Kathy - (see more detailed information under the Diet & Nutrition and Science & Research tabs)  (...) has a product called called GI Cleansing Formula which can be taken before and after a Candida cleanse.  GI Cleansing Formula is formulated with therapeutic-... Oregano, Melaleuca, Lemon, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Thyme essentials oils that have been demonstrated to have in-vitro antimicrobial properties. GI Cleansing Formula also includes caprylic acid that has been traditionally used as for its specific health-supporting properties in the gut.

ADOG - Who should be using Essential Oil Cellular Complex ?

Pat – In my opinion everyone, I take mine daily.

Gin -  I think it is pretty awesome. While I think everyone could benefit from it, people I highly recommend taking it are those with thyroid issues, fibromyalgia, mental health issues and disorders, high risk of cancer, DNA issues, menopause (I am told symptoms get worse for two weeks then get better) and anyone with an autoimmune disease of any kind. Plus anyone who has ever had Lyme disease.

Jessica - I agree that everyone should take it daily, and I love that they have it in the oil and capsule form so you can choose which way works best for you.

Laura - Is there any difference between the capsule and the oil?  I have very bad psoriasis and I'm hoping the DDR will help.

Erika - The amount of oil in the two products is exactly the same.  My husband still has a hard time ingesting oils without burping them so we put the liquid oil on his feet and spine.  Each capsule is equivalent to 8 drops and the recommended dosage is 2 capsules/day.  I've been applying the DDR blend to my younger children on their feet in the evening and spine in the morning (just started this week) in much smaller amounts based on their size.   I figure if an adult male would use 16 drops/day then I apply 1/4 of that per day to my 6 yr old.

Keep in mind psoriasis can very likely be linked to candida.  The oils in the DDR blend are good anti-candida oils.  I would also strongly consider doing the GI Cleansing Formula/ Probiotic Defense Formula cleanse several times.  It is a cleanse specifically designed to address candida.

KC - At convention is was stated that the capsules are specifically designed to bypass your stomach to really get into the cellular level in a whole new way, but that both are great to use.


Monica (a separate comment) - In January 2004, after having been sick for the previous five months, I was finally diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis, and was told that I was lucky to still be alive. The details of my illness and recovery are long, and I will write about all of that elsewhere, at another time. For now, it is sufficient to say that I learned about and began using essential oils in June 2004, and was helped by them to a certain degree.

In April, 2008, I began using the .... Pure Therapeutic ... essential oils from (...), and even more noticeable improvements in my health began to appear. With continual use of (...) essential oils and other products (LLV, skin care, hair care, toothpaste, home cleaning products, etc), which have helped me to reduce the toxic load on my body, I can report that, as of September 2012 (exactly nine years after I first became ill, and three years past the 5-year prognosis I had been give.), my liver enzymes are normal, and I am getting stronger and becoming healthier every day!

I chose not to tell others what to do with their health care decisions. I chose to treat my disease in a holistic manner, and rather than causing liver damage, I believe that (...) essential oils and oil-enhanced products have helped my body to heal itself, and regenerated my nearly-dead liver.

I do not follow any specific protocol. I simply use the oils every day, in every way I could imagine. I pray to Heavenly Father and seek inspiration to guide me to what I need to do for my health. I pay attention to the quiet promptings of the Spirit, and "trust my gut". Some days I struggle more than others. That is the challenge of having a human body. I choose to find joy in the journey... I hope this helps,


Heidi - Since joining (...) and expanding my health horizons, I have learned that most auto-immune diseases are caused by candida over-growth.  I am wondering where I might find some research to send to my loved ones with auto-immune diseases to reinforce this knowledge? RA and Lupus in particular.  Thanks!

Charly - I would be quite careful in that characterization. I have an autoimmune disease called mixed connective tissue disease. This autoimmune disease includes several different diseases including lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, reynauds, scleroderma, fibromyalgia and other goodies. It is definitely not caused by Candida, and is detectable as an actual marker in the blood that is genetic. While I am sure there are many autoimmune diseases that can be attributed to Candida in terms of flareups, it is a little bit broad to say that it is caused by Candida. I have heard this many times, and it always makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Sharon - And while candida is often promoted as a "cause" it is actually a side effect of a poor immune system and/or toxicity.  We all have candida bacteria and need it but it is only when it goes out of balance that there is a problem.

Anne - I heartily agree that it does (...) a dis-service to make sweeping generalizations about causes and cures in the definitive.  Just as allopathic medicine really has few definitives on this class of illnesses and their treatment, alternative therapies have similar potential for benefit. The huge plus is that EOs have yet to be shown to have the same long list of negative side effects that many allopathic treatments have... I've been thrilled to reduce many and even eliminate daily need for a couple of my medications, but EOs alone are not enough for my condition. I wish modern medicine would incorporate "alternatives" to pharmaceuticals into the standard of care rather than the two be seen as such opposites in an "either/or" mentality.

Belma - Hi Heidi. While I think it is wonderful that you want to share (...) info with your loved ones, I have to agree with the other ladies who've commented. I cringe whenever someone tells me that they have the cure for my MS, or my daughter's Lupus. I love that you want to help the people you care about who have auto-immune disorders. (...) oils and supplements definitely do help with the symptoms. However our diseases are not caused by candida. I feel very uncomfortable whenever I see this brought up. It’s a piece of it and perhaps a misunderstanding that gets shared. I would agree that inflammation is an issue with both Lupus and MS. I've had MS for over 26 years, and my daughter was diagnosed with Lupus four years ago. My hope would be that you would share with those you love, that (...) oils and supplements can possibly improve their quality of life. Frankincense and Peppermint sure have made an amazing difference for me! Our bodies are all different and even those of us who have the same diagnosis, many times do not have the same issues or symptoms. So the same oils or supplements may not work exactly in the same way for each of us. But it is so worth it to explore what might help.   I applaud you for wanting to help those people in your life with auto-immune disorders! Please do understand that. I suggest that you present this information to them by saying that inflammation is commonly caused by candida, and (...) has ways to help with that. You might also find out what their specific issues are and then recommend which oils would help.


Nina - I have an auto-immune blood disease and feel fabulous taking a variety of (...) oils. I have two friends wanting to use (...) oils that take Remicade and Embrel for their Auto-immune diseases. RA, Scoriasis and Scoriatic Arthritis. The Essential Oils boost your immune system. Is this a problem for people who are on immuno-suppressant drugs or are not on drugs but have an auto-immune disease. Most doctors have no experience with essential oils. I can’t find good research info on the topic. Does anyone have information or experience with this topic? People want to use oils but are nervous they are negating other therapies they are on or adding to the auto-immune problem. I’d appreciate any information.

Pat - Essential oils do not get in the way of meds. Our Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV) pack is an essential nutritional supplement for people with auto immune disease, also the Candida blend and the use of the oils internally, topically and aromatically. It has been my experience that using the oils in many ways gives you back your health and you have complete control of it.

Monica - I apologize for not remembering the correct name of the cells, but I did ask Dr. Hill about autoimmune issues specifically, because I have a client who takes medication to suppress her immune system.  Dr. Hill explained that those medications work on a specific type of cell (B cells, maybe.... I really don't remember the name... it seems that there was a letter....), which is not the type of cell that is affected by the LLV (LLV) trio, and that neither the supplements nor the oils would interfere with those medications. 

I hope this helps,

Nina - Thanks Patricia and Monica. I've been taking lots of oils every day in every way and have also just ordered the LLW trio!! I will also pass along that the oils do not interfere with immuno-suppressant drugs. It's B cells, lymphocytes I believe Monica, and the drugs usually target certain CD antibodies. Rituxan for example affect the CD20 antibodies.

Monica - I'm thrilled to hear that you'll be starting the LLW trio!  You are sure to LOVE what they do for you!! 


Jessica - I have a friend who was just diagnosed with a condition in which the body starts to produce antibodies that actually attack the body.  I don't know what it is called but it sounds bad.  Is anyone familiar with what I am describing?  From what she described, I recommended the Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV) pack to start along with a couple of oils for the symptoms. Any info would be great.

Diane - Is there a particular part of her body being attacked, or is it her entire body?Either way, it's an autoimmune disorder. One of the best ways she can try to stop this is to stop eating dairy foods, grains and legumes as these have lectins (a particular type of protein) that can bind with almost any type of tissue in our body, and we can't digest them and break them down. Because of this, they increase intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome), allowing partially digested food proteins and fragments of gut bacteria to get into our bloodstream, some of which are very similar in composition to our body's cells. Our immune system tries to attack the invaders, but attacks the other cells as well because it gets confused by the similarities. Using citrus oils and some of our other protocols might also help, but diet is going to be key in her treatment.

Kathy - There is a group of illnesses called "autoimmune disorders" where the immune system attacks the body’s own organs and tissues. They include multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and other less common ones such as scleroderma.  I would treat for candida…GI Cleansing Formula followed by Probiotic Defense Formula to start. I would also look at my diet and eliminate vinegar and malt (which includes barley malt and maltodextrin) to start.

Cory - Oils high in monoterpenes would be good because they will re-progam the cells so that they stop fighting each other - Grapefruit, Frankincense, Cypress are at the top of the list.


Gin (a separate comment) - I take Probiotic Defense Formula daily. I've taken a probiotic daily for years. My doc recommends it to all her fibromyalgia patients. Most autoimmune disease sufferers and those with chronic candida benefit from taking it daily. The nice thing is that it can't hurt. For kids, one a day.


Chris -  A friend says she have been concerned about her father for some time he has had serious back pain, now this.  "My dad is not doing real well - They just diagnosed some autoimmune thing which was destroying his muscles but no one can say how long it was there or what real prognosis is."

BK -  An autoimmune disorder is a condition that happens when the immune system attacks and destroys its own healthy body tissue. The problem with recommending a singular protocol is that there are probably almost 100 different types of autoimmune disorders. I would bet that the most recommended treatment is to make sure that the patient is getting supplements as needed to replenish a hormone or vitamin(s) that the body is lacking.   For this reason, I would guess that being on the wellness pack would be the foremost important thing.

Another thought; every autoimmune disease at it’s core is a systems failure and it is almost always a result of the body's response to stress.  Stress is anything that throws the body into a state of imbalance. If I were using essential oils to aid in dealing with stressed induced autoimmune disorders, I would pay attention to the thyroid, and cleansing of the adrenal glands (see RL James book –essentials of the earth) I would work on bringing balance to the body.  Most obvious is the blend Grounding Blend.  Also consider frankincense and other oils that strengthen emotional the proper foods into our body. We have to replenish 1000’s of chemicals, hormones, vitamins and minerals response.  Most of all, use the whisperings of angels and your intuition to choose oils that will help rejuvenate, restore and balance the body and create an atmosphere of healing. Do I even have to say, eat right?  The most important thing probably is putting in our body each day. Unfortunately the average modern diets do not fulfill the needs of the body in this regard.


Protocols folks recommend for children



Diet and Nutritional complements to essential oils

Everyone needs the Candida cleanse.  Of  course the solution is simple and effective but the hard part is learning white sugar is your enemy – stay away from soda, fried foods, sugary junk food, even smoothies or carrot juice can overload your system with too much sugar at one time so drink them slowly over a period of time and never more than 6 ounces at a time.  While on the cleanse, eat as healthy as possible and also get plenty of water. 

What Science & Research are saying

Candida, Inflammation & Auto-Immune Illnesses

Kathy - This summary is based on Dr. Bruce Semon's book An Extraordinary Power to Heal (2003). This summary gives general explanations about how yeast can cause so-called autoimmune illnesses and chronic disease. For detailed explanations, including an extensive chapter on how the immune system is supposed to work--and how yeast prevent it from working correctly--we recommend that you read An Extraordinary Power to Heal.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Numbness in the hands, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Ulcerative colitis:  What do these have in common?  They all respond to dietary intervention and anti-yeast treatment.

Why might chronic diseases ranging from psoriasis to ulcerative colitis to arthritis respond to dietary intervention and anti-yeast treatment? These diseases are all marked by the body appearing to attack itself. They are called "auto-immune" diseases.

I have always considered the idea of the body attacking itself as a strange idea. Why should the body do that? In 40 years of research, the biomedical research community has been unable to come up with any answer. Maybe the concept is wrong.

Maybe the body is not attacking itself primarily. Maybe the primary target is not the body but the yeast Candida albicans. To understand how such terrible diseases can occur, we need to look at the interactions of Candida albicans and the immune system.

Yeast are normal residents of the intestinal tract. After antibiotics, yeast grow to fill in the space left by dead bacteria and the yeast continue to grow at this higher level. The body still must contain the yeast so that the yeast does not invade the rest of the body. If Candida invades the body, the result is often death.

The best way to look at the immune system is to understand that the immune system has both defensive and offensive weapons. The main defensive weapon is inflammation. Inflammation is like putting up a wall, a hot wall, which makes it difficult for invading foreign microorganisms to get through. Inflammation will occur anytime the immune system contacts a foreign invader. But as you know the inflammation is painful. Along with the inflammation, should come the offensive weapons which kill the foreign invader. The problem is that Candida has many tricks to evade the offensive weapons of the body's immune system.

Candida is a very difficult organism for the body's immune system to clear.   Why?

Yeast have a capsule on the outside which prevents the first line (phagocytic) white blood cells of the body from engulfing the yeast and killing it. So the body must rely on the other parts of the immune system.

Candida has other tricks to evade the body's immune system. One of these tricks is to change its outside. The immune system recognizes the outside receptors of the invading organism and then sends out signals to start an immune response. Some of the immune responders then look for cells with those receptors. Candida albicans can change the receptors which it is displaying, making it difficult for the body's immune cells to react appropriately. In essence, Candida albicans is a moving target, which changes its form.

The most important thing to know about Candida is that Candida albicans can make factors which suppress the immune response to itself. These factors can be found in the circulation of people with significant Candida infections. When these factors are purified and placed in cultures of immune cells, these immune cells do not develop the responses to Candida which they are supposed to develop. In other words, Candida can make factors, which prevent the body from reacting to and killing the Candida. These factors prevent the total eradication of Candida from the body.

The Candida can suppress the offensive weapons of the body's immune system. But the inflammation will still be generated because when the immune system detects a foreign invader, there will always be inflammation. The problem is that the foreign invader, the Candida, is not going away, because the immune system's offensive weapons are suppressed. The inflammation will remain and inflammation is painful.

In the intestinal tract, there is Candida, which tries to invade the intestinal wall, and the immune system responds with inflammation. The problem is that the Candida suppresses the immune system's offensive weapons, so the Candida stays and the inflammation is prolonged. This prolonged inflammation is called ulcerative colitis if it occurs in the large intestine and it is called Crohn's disease if it occurs in the small intestine. These disorders are prolonged inflammation resulting from the immune system's inability to clear Candida.

In ulcerative colitis, there is painful inflammation of the intestine rather than regulated containment. As the body fights the yeast in the intestine, some of the cells fighting the yeast circulate and come into contact with yeast on the skin and start an inflammation there, leading to eczema and psoriasis .

Candida causes autoimmune problems such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis in this way. Candida puts out receptors on its cell surface which are actually human receptors for connective tissue and the immune system. If the body attacks the Candida in the intestinal tract, the body's immune system will attack anything which looks like the Candida. Because of the connective tissue receptors on Candida, the body's immune system may attack other cells in the body which have these receptors.

Many tissues such as the joints have connective tissue and as the body attacks the Candida, the body will also attack these cells. The result is painful joints or other inflamed tissues.

Candida also has receptors which are similar to those in the brain. When these cells are attacked, the result is multiple sclerosis.

In other words, Candida acts as a long term vaccination displaying the body's own cellular receptors to the body's immune system. When the immune system sees such receptors for a long enough time, it will attack cells which display such receptors, which includes the cells of the body. There is research which shows that such immune system reactions occur. The yeast Candida is the primary target. If the Candida is removed the body stops attacking itself.


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