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Auditory Processing Disorder

Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


see also Sensory Processing Disorder

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is a condition wherein the child (or person) can technically hear correctly but cannot process or understand some sounds. This means that they could hear all the individual notes on a musical scale with equal clarity but may confuse words or sentence structure as they process complex sound. This can become more difficult for them if they are in an environment with lots of background noise. Reports suggest this problem may affect as many as 5% of school-aged children.

Examples given in the literature are that the request, "Tell me how a chair and a couch are alike," may sound to a child with APD like, "Tell me how a couch and a chair are alike." Or it can even be understood by the child as, "Tell me how a cow and a hair are alike."

Many children will “outgrow” this condition where others continue with residual difficulties. Help and therapy techniques are available.


[search helps: central auditory processing disorder, CAPD, auditory perception problem, auditory comprehension deficit, central auditory dysfunction, central deafness, word deafness]

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends: Grounding BlendC, LemonC, Lime, VetiverC, Wild Orange

 Essential oils based products:

Also consider: Peppermint

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Suggested protocols:

To date we have limited experiences to report protocols on. One success using diffusion of Wild Orange, Vetiver or Lime in the classroom of a child with APD.

Experiences and protocols associated with Sensory Processing Disorder may be relevant.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

Riki - Has anyone already dealt with the issue of schools not allowing the oils?  It would be nice if you could share your experience for some of us who are just beginning to get flack from the schools. What steps did you take?  Were you successful? Thanks for any help.

Valerie - We live in Utah and we have an IPC that has had good success w/putting a diffuser in an elementary classroom.  First of all, they had a teacher that was in favor of helping the student in this way.  Then the pediatrician got on board because he could see the difference it was making for the young girl at home and was willing to write a letter so the diffuser would become part of the IEP (Individual Education Plan). She and her sister even have their own EO roller bottles that they bring to school and I think they are allowed to keep w/them.  

HA - Thanks Riki for speaking up.  It's not to be true here in Saratoga Springs by any means.  I am taking my kids elementary school complaint to the ACLU.  I believe I have a discrimination case on my hands and my rights be questioned.  I won't stand for it any longer.  I will fight for my children tooth and nail.  Especially when they are telling me nature's medicine is not allowed in the school anymore.  But it’s ok to have the synthetic garbage that is toxic to the children's health.  Whatever!  There I'm done ranting.

Laura - So far we have not run into any problems.  I have mixed a couple drops of eo in mango butter and a little bit of solid coconut oil in tiny jars so my girls can always have their own "health balm" to take with them and I don't have to worry about them spilling them, or getting too much or in their eyes as easily, etc.  I have made one for peppermint, lavender, and melaleuca (works great on eczema flare ups!). I also send a tiny sample bottle of the oil needed mixed with FCO if they need a certain oil, and they keep it in their backpack or desk.  If the teacher asks they just tell them it is essential oils and they have had no problems. Good luck.  Keep speaking up for your children.  As long as they are not sharing the oils with other kids I see no reason they cannot have them in school as part of their health.

Oil Girl - What oils are you using in the classroom?

Valerie - They've used wild orange a lot.  The report from Lillian,the family’s mom is below:

We diffuse Wild Orange with the Ace diffuser in class, I have also recently given the teacher a Lime bottle so she alternates the oils. We also have it in roller bottles Vetiver and Wild Orange in case the teacher notices she is hyper and Calming Blend in case she is anxious. Because she is a 1st ...r and in the past other little kids have taken her roller bottles or she has given them away because the kids like the smell, I decided that the oils should be kept by the teacher or the office. The oils were written into her 504 Plan so we have had no problems in utilizing them for medicinal purposes since our physician thought it necessary for her care. My daughter suffers from a Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, ADHD, and Depression. All which have been improved. In September she was bottom of the class in her last round of school district tests she was above reading level and above Math level.


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