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Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


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Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends: Joyful Blend (Elevating Blend), Frankincense, Focus Blend, Lavender, Peppermint, Calming Blend

Essential oils based products:

Also consider: Respiratory Blend

Suggested protocols:

Topical application of one of these oils to the chest and/or wrists during the day.  Some rotate the oils other find one is best.  Evenings topically apply Lavender to the bottoms of the feet for improved sleep.  For an anxiety attack use cup and inhale to get immediate relief.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

A submission directly to  EverythingEssential.me.  Our thanks to:

    Amy Meade

Amy -
  I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for many years, and have been on medication for it. I weaned myself off the medication and was doing ok for a while, but relapsed. I then learned about (...), and have been using the oils to help keep me out of a slump, and also to calm me when I'm anxious.

I apply the Joyful Blend (Elevating Blend) blend to my chest in the morning most days. If I'm feeling anxious I'll apply the Calming Blend to my wrists, and at night to help me sleep I apply the Lavender to the bottoms of my feet (unless I'm using the Protective Blend at the moment too, then I put the Protective Blend on the bottoms of my feet and the Lavender on my chest.)

I have had much more stable moods since. If I start to feel something in the middle of the day, I'll reapply, and I feel calmer within a few minutes. Otherwise I just do the morning & evening things. I'm amazed at how well the oils keep me balanced without any pharmaceuticals.


Unedited Extracts from Google Group Everything(...) 

These unedited extracts are added to increase the speed at which they can be made available.  Eventually they will be edited and added to the normal body of information.  Enjoy.

Monkeez5 - I have a friend who has experienced anxiety attacks?  They have been keeping her up at night- any suggestions?

Pat - My friend uses Grounding Blend and Lavender and has been able to get her panic/anxiety attacks completely under control.

Kathy - I have heard that lots of anxiety oils are in the Blend for Women blend and Bergamot and Lavender also Frankincense for strong anxiety attacks used with the others.

Brooke - I have a friend also who's whole family has serious anxiety issues.  How, and where, and how often, would you suggest putting the oils - especially on children?

Kathy - My friends whole family has serious anxiety issues - I'll ask her what oils and where and how much they use - I'll get back to you as soon as she answers me

Robert - Peppermint!  I have the same thing... now, as I feel them come on, I put about 3-4 drops on my hands, rub them together then apply with a light massage over my chest and heart, then cup an inhale the aroma from my hands for a few minutes. It's awesome-effective.  I have also added a couple drops of Frankincense to the mixture as well.... very effective for me.

Pat - I have heard this also. Last night I had a friend setting next to me at our meeting and she suffers from extreme panic/anxiety attacks. I had applied Grounding Blend, twice, and then Lavender, and I could tell the way she kept swinging her foot that I had not hit on the right oil. Right then Wendy started talking about Frankincense, so I slipped it out of my container and applied it to the back of her neck and the bottom of her feet. Within a few minutes her foot was relaxed and she was feeling better. I so wish that I would have remembered Blend for Women.

Thanks Kathy for reminding me about the other oils for anxiety, you are great.

Kathy - I only know from Christy - I know her kids take the clay pendants to school but not sure which oils they use on them.? Some of her kids missed a lot of school in the previous years as their anxiety has been so bad and they are all doing great with these oils and their clay pendants!? I know one uses Peppermint but am waiting for her to get back to me of the other oils and how much they use.

Brooke - It's so helpful to hear how people are reacting to different applications!

Debbie - I have massaged Respiratory Blend over my chest and heart for anxiety with great success.

Kathy - Respiratory Blend has Peppermint in it - that may be why it worked!

Debbie - Peppermint alone works for me too.  I have taken that at night as well to calm down from the day's events and especially to get my mind to quit! Peppermint is an interesting oil.  It calms you down and peps you up - does what you need!

Protocols folks recommend for children



Diet and Nutritional complements to essential oils


What Science & Research are saying

Effects of fragrance inhalation on sympathetic activity in normal adults.

Japanese journal of pharmacology, November, 2002;  Haze S, Sakai K, Gozu Y.


We investigated the effects of fragrance inhalation on sympathetic activity in normal adult subjects using both power spectral analysis of blood pressure fluctuations and measurement of plasma catecholamine levels. Fragrance inhalation of essential oils, such as Pepper oil, estragon oil, Fennel oil or Grapefruit oil, resulted in 1.5- to 2.5-fold increase in relative sympathetic activity, representing low frequency amplitude of systolic blood pressure (SBP-LF amplitude), compared with inhalation of an odorless solvent, triethyl citrate (P<0.05, each). In contrast, fragrance inhalation of Rose oil or Patchouli oil caused a 40% decrease in relative sympathetic activity (P<0.01, each). Fragrance inhalation of Pepper oil induced a 1.7-fold increase in plasma adrenaline concentration compared with the resting state (P = 0.06), while fragrance inhalation of Rose oil caused a 30% decrease in adrenaline concentration (P<0.01). Our results indicate that fragrance inhalation of essential oils may modulate sympathetic activity in normal adults.


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