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Cleansing Blend

Blend Ingredients


This Blend Addresses

Bug bites
Cuts and wounds
Disinfects surfaces
Kills airborne
    immune system



Generic Blend

Application Techniques

Diffuse in living areas and office to kill pathogens.

Diffuse to strengthen the immune system.

Use topically for people who work in or have spent time in hospitals or around people that are ill.

Apply topically at the onset of blemishes and cold sores.

Prepare a spray and spritz bed sheets 1 hour prior to bedtime to disinfect, protect against and repel dust mites, bed bugs and other insects.

Spritz your pet to guard against fleas and mites. (Note: some animals, including cats, can be highly sensitive to some oils included in Purify.  Please see submission on Pets for more information.)

Spritz in shoes to deodorize and combat odors.

Place drops on a cotton ball and place in car vents to purify the air in the car.

Place drops on the intake vent of a home HVAC system and run the fan for 1 hour. Do the same in a hotel room HVAC room filter.



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